Getting to know troops!

Hello ACP!

There are so many troops in acp! And it wouldn’t be possible to know everybody, would it? So here’s getting to know acp’s amazing troops. Over here I interact with some of our most loyal troops and find out some cool facts about them, not only that I ask for their perspective in matters and events happening in acp. Today I interviewed Harry who’s a Brigadier General and Will who’s an acp sergeant! Let me say I found out some pretty cool facts about them and their views on acp!

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Greetings ACP!

Tonight the Amazing AUSIA logged into Caribou for some awesome U-Lead session! We arrived at the beach and did amazingly, then took our journey towards the ski village, then ventured into the ski lodge! I was challenged by Silver for a  Find Four, and marginally won, it was good fun, good game silver! 😛 We had maxed about 25 or so, and averaged about 23 or so with pretty damned great tactics! 3 medals if you came to the U-Lead. Here’s the results:

acpel bombj


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