UK/US Unscheduled Tactics results

Hello, ACP!

Today on Breeze, we held an EPIC Unscheduled Tactics Session for the UK and US divisons, led by Maxy 777 (me) and Agentbrando. I must say, I’m impressed, and that I have regained confidence in ACP. We maxed 20+ averaging about 19, and our tactics were EXCELLENT. I’m really happy, ACP. I just hope we keep this up, and I ask that you keep up the good work. This is the ACP I want to see- not the sloppy ACP from a few weeks ago that struggled to max 10 and had poor tactics. Anyhow, here are the pics by me, Rockman, Brando and mch.

Showing off our riches in a sweet formation at the Town.

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Greetings ACP!

The AUSIA division logged on for a PB vs DCP then we had a surprise from LT, but quickly put them in their place. It was an absolute shocking battle for LT, who maxed 14! We maxed 22 and averaged 20, even with a few people struggling to login. We had extraordinary tactics and came out victorious, best battle in a while! 4 medals if you came! Here’s the results:


Our E+N blocked out LT’s E+D



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Poll of the week

Hello ACP!

Hope you guys had an amazing Halloween and of course got loads of candy! According to my last poll most of you loved the Halloween party! Anddd you guys despised The Frozen party! Sigh the cold never bothered me anyway. Anyways, Here’s this weeks poll!!!

Fun time


Don‘t Forget to Vote!

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[AUSIA] Training on Avalanche

Greetings ACP!

To start off the month the ACP AUSIA do very well! We logged on expecting some battles, but all were cancelled/postponed.. Nonetheless it was fun, and you get 3 medals if you came. We maxed about 22 at the start, and averaged 20. Here’s the results:


army of cp forever

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ACP Promotions October 2014!



Hey ACP, happy late Halloween! Anyway, FINALLY, it’s time for our monthly promotions! Congratulations to everyone. If you didn’t get a promotion, work harder this month, and you might get a promotion 😀 ! Read on to see if you got promoted or not! Also if your name is bolded it means you got promoted, if it is in italics, that means you got demoted. If it is normal, nothing happened. Continue reading