Slime’s Hallo-whacky-ween Extravaganza Week #2 – Costume Contest RESULTS!


Me, Star & Mchappy

Roboo23’s Costume

Slime: Cool costume, Roboo! That ghostly glow on the cloak with those vampire fangs really make it scary! Surely wouldn’t like to see that staring at me when I wake up xD

Star: Awesome costume! Oh my god, it’s creepy and I love the idea! Especially the spooky cloak ! The glow gives it a nice effect all together! Overall it’s amazing!

Mchappy: Roboo giving us A Christmas Carol vibe costume.  I like the glowing effects to the outfit as well, well done!

Ahmed’s Costume

Slime: Awesome costume there! I am a non member so I never paid attention to CP’s new catalogue items, but wow, they’ve really gone over the top! The penguin’s hair and eyebrows look funny and the shoes & jacket are just great. I wonder what the puffle is called?

Star: Wow! I love the puffle! It’s so cute and spooky! And your costume is amazing! I like the way you’ve compiled your costume! The puffle is just.. (sorry I really like the puffle) Overall, it’s awesome!!!

Mchappy: Whoa!  The mouth item that makes your penguin smirk is really cool!  Your eyebrow game is on fleek, by the way.  You even added a touch of humor by having the horse on the stick.  Wait, are you suppose to be the Headless Horsemen with a head?!

Bjkb’s Costume

Slime: Ooh, very interesting. I can’t tell from the lag, but that’s like some scuba diving mummy wearing a mysterious cloak and shoes… creative!

Star: This is one costume that scared me, like a lot! Oh my god it’s totally creepy! I love your idea! The scuba diving mummy is just so spooky! Amazing costume! Wow. Just wow!

Mchappy: This reminds me of that monster from the Scooby Doo movie.  My favorite part of the costume is the cloak added on top of the diving suit.  Nice work.

Lionzluver’s Costume

Slime: Oh my fizzy cheese. This costume is so me, so you… I love it! It’s so random, the jacket.. the head.. that little hidden mask you have. MY EYES!!!

Star: Another costume that freaked me! Oh my god, a combination of all creepiness! I love it! Also, STOP SCARING ME LIKE THIS! (Haha) Overall, amazing!!

Mchappy: Definitely the craziest costume out of all the members!  There are so many colors that it really makes the whole outfit pop.


Jai’s Costume

Slime: What clothes you have, Jai! I huge pumpkin head, purple animal feet, shoulder pads, ghost suitcase thingie? Epic. 

Star: Awesome Jai! I love the pumpkin head!!!! Your costume is pretty creepy (Pumpkin head!!!) The background gives it a nice effect too!

Mchappy: Both you and Roboo seem to think you’re unbeatable.  Cool shoulder pads, I don’t think I would have thought of using those.

Zambi’s Costume

Slime: Fascinating were-robot costume. Awoooooo-beep-bop-boop! Very creative and interesting-looking xD It’s like something that would appear out of a futuristic horror movie. Who’s the mad scientist?

Star: Woah! Creepy robot werewolf! It’s really unique! It’s also Spooky!!! Well done!

Mchappy: This is using non-member items?!  Wow, this is pretty awesome.  A cyborg meets werewolf experiment gone wrong!

Fluffy’s costume

Slime: Okay, you guys – I’ll try to make this as non-biased as possible (lol): That rabbit costume is an insane thing to wear for halloween! Quite whacky, I say!

Star: I like the cute rabbit!!! And the pumpkin accessory! The spooky background is pretty cool too! Overall Awesome!

Mchappy: Look at all of those puffles.  I think the scariest part about your costume is that Club Penguin only designed three toes for the rabbit’s feet.  Creepy!

Agent Brando’s Costume

Slime: When there’s something strange… on the server Breeze…  who you gonna call? This vivid-looking ghost buster! I love the colours on that costume and it’s a very creative idea too. Nice job.

Star: Oh my!! A ghost hunter/buster! Beware ghosts!!! I love the costume, it’s pretty cool and I bet it will scare the ghosts xD (Oh wait, I’m a ghost! RUN!)

Mchappy: You’re an 80’s Ghost Buster!  Who you gonna’ call?  Ghost Buster Brando!

Penguin1973’s Costume

Slime: I wish I got a look at your player card! What makes it unique are the rare items on your costume, oh how I miss that orange and black scarf .. that teachers hat.. that LOLLIPOP!!! I also like the orange tint you put on this and the halloween title. I’d do that if I entered the contest!

Star: I love your scarf!! It goes really well with the ghost costume! That Lollipop will surely tempt all the trick or treaters! 

Mchappy: Bonus points for making it look all Halloween-y.  Like the other two said, nice touch with the rare Halloween scarf.  I’m envious of you since I don’t have it.  Are you a scary ghost student?

Carson’s Costume

 Slime: I like the huge witch hat and candle however I know you can do better than this, Carson!

Star: I love the candle, It’s really spooky! Your costume is simple and creepy!!

Mchappy: Simple yet effective, the way I like it.  Like the big creepy hat.

Sonic’s Costume

Slime: A ghost bandit! Not bad but I know you can do better than this, Sonic!

Star: A ghost with swag. Awesome xD! Your costume is pretty simple and of course it has swag!

Mchappy: A gangster ghost: the best way to go trick-or-treating.

Mrtchy’s costume

Slime: Oh, the rareness of it! That pin, that pumpkin, that scarf, those shoes, the RUBBER DUCK AND BUNNY HAT! Wait, you’re not Asdfghjkl888! Groovy costume though. Oh, the good ol’ times when CP had good items!

Star:  Mrtchy, you dropped all your candy! (That rhymes) Thanks for the candy, I’ll go and pick it up Mwhahahaha (before you do) Anyways, I love that scarf! And your bunny ears!!!! The pin gives it a nice effect but BEWARE your candy shall be taken!

Mchappy: Oh hello, leader.  Rubber ducky costume is best costume.

Will’s costume

Slime: Phantom of the Opera, ey? I like it. Cool igloo too! The golden viking helmet, wow, I wonder where you got that from!

Star:  Wow! It’s pretty spooky! I like the candle and the cape! Your helmet enhances the overall effect! Well Done!!

Mchappy: You have an awesome igloo!  A throwback to the Vikings, an army in like 2007, where now they have become ghosts to haunt all of their enemies.


Mchappy: For members I said first goes to Roboo, second to Bjkb, third to Ahmed.  

For non-members I said first goes to Zambi, second to Brando, third to Penguin.

Star: Members:-  First- Roboo (The glow really gave it the effect), Second- Bjkb and Third Ahmed!

Non-members:-  First- Zambi, then well Penguin, and then Brando!

Slime: Members: First – Lionzluver, Second  – Roboo, Third – Bjkb

Non members: First- Zambi, Second – Agent Brando, Third- Jaisick


So rounded up, the results:


1st: ROBOO! – WINS 100 XATS!

2nd: Bjkb

3rd: Ahmed

Non Members:

1st: ZAMBI! – WINS 100 XATS!

2nd: Agent Brando!

3rd: Penguin!


So here you have it! Make sure you wait up for the next halloween competition! It’s not over yet, you know…


4 Responses

  1. Well done!

  2. Well Done! And Mrtchy I stole your candy.

  3. I lose… but well done!!!! GG =3

  4. I got first place 🙂 gg doe

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