Events for 3rd-9th November!!

Greetings ACP!

To start off the first full week of the month, we’re hopefully going to start off with a bang! Let’s do our best to recruit, keep ACP alive, and be active! Comment what events you can make it to, and have a good time, ACP troops!

Comment if you can make them!

[Australia/Asia], [USA], [UK]

Sunday, November 9th 2014. 

[AUSIA] Practice Battle

Server: TBA

Times: 12:30 pm UK // 8:30 am EST // 7:30 am CST // 6:30 am MST // 5:30 am PST // 9:30 pm JST // 6:00 pm IST // 8:30 pm PH 

[UK] Epic Tactic Session

Server: TBA

Times: 7:30pm UK // 3:30pm EST // 2:30pm CST // 1:30pm MST 

[USA] Training Session

Server: TBA

Times: 7:30pm EST // 6:30pm CST // 5:30pm MST // 4:30pm PST // 12:30am UK // 8:30am JST // 5am IST

Remember to comment if you can make these events or not!

~The ACP Commandants

Retirement of I Am Kicky

Ahmed 7569: Rachie, you are just so fantastic, it came across as a shock to me. Thank you for helping making ACP’s UK force the best!

Purpleslime4: Oh Rachie, you were an epic troop and I can’t believe you’re leaving! You were so awesomeeee! I enjoyed talking to you on chat, you’re a great person to talk to and you’re very kind. Good luck in life, Kicky!

Bjkb1 edit: Rachel has been a fantastic mod in my division and I wish her good luck in later life. Farewell Rachel!

I Am Kicky has been a loyal and active ACP troop for years, and has decided to retire today. Thank you for your time served to ACP, and may you enjoy yourself in retirement island.

Unfortunately my time has come to retire(again) from cp and cp armies as im too old and i am slowly become more and more inactive due to other stuff going on in my life.

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