Members: New Way To Earn Medals!

Greetings ACP!

I have come to you to present to you…

THE NEWEST WAY TO EARN THOSE FEW EXTRA MEDALS! It’s simple. I check up who’s commented the most every fortnight (2 weeks) and the person who has the most comments wins 6 medals! It’d appear to me something like:


Had Dencie still been in ACP and been a member, he’d had earned the 6 medals! Nice work Dencie, you were a great mod! It’s that simple guys! Though to receive the medals you can’t spam posts and pages, you must just comment one per post. Good luck to all! Posts coming soon.


ACP Commander in Chief

13 Responses

  1. Good luck everyone! ;D

  2. I basically just read “members pls spam our site “

  3. Retire soon

  4. What if everyone ties

  5. Wow its cool!!!!!!

  6. The members can just flood the site. ..

  7. Isn’t everyone just going to spam our site now that you’ve said that?

  8. Members will just spam site Mrtchy

  9. Nice love it

  10. OMG

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