Retirement of Mikester

Greetings ACP, I am sorry to say that this is the end so soon. I had a great 2 months of leading the best army I have ever been in hands down, I have met the greatest people in armies, and developed close bonds that will last me until I click “sign out” for the last time.

Over the past few weeks I have been extremely inactive, due to the fact I can’t manage schoolwork, sports, and social life all while in the most prestigious and stressful position in CP armies. I regret to say I do not deserve the spot I am in now, I do not fulfill the high requirements that the other leaders and I have made for myself. If I was able to remain in ACP as an owner, I would gladly take the opportunity, but I am not nearly active enough to be 1/3 of the US division at this time. I will, however, be taking an advisory role in ACP. I will be the new Secretary of State, a position best served as a retired US leader, one that can talk with leaders of other armies and sort out problems without worrying about not having a leader in the US timezone. I hope to continue to be a part of ACP, albeit a much smaller part.


History (a brief one)

I joined ACP on December 2010 and was extremely active during 2011-12 during Kenneth and Flipper’s leadership. I soon dedicated myself to other armies, and gained quite a lot of experience as leader of Nachos, Golden Troops, and Fire Warriors. In December of 2013 I re-dedicated myself to ACP under the leadership of Flipmoo, and soon rose up the ranks to owner, then finally leader after months of hard work.


Here is a list of people and armies that has shaped me into the person I am today. 

Army of Club Penguin

The army I will miss the most, the kingpin of the army community, the army I had a privilege of leading.

Boomer: I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you. You stuck a limb out for me and I am so glad you did. Whenever I needed advice whether it be armies or real life, you’d be first on my mind to ask. Thanks for being the boss person you are.

Flipmoo: Thank you for inspiring me into the person I am today, and of course thanks for introducing me to the wonderful Japanese culture.

Kenneth: My BFF and pal, thanks for being a great friend and a mentor over the years, whether it be in ACP or in another army 😉

Bobcatboy/Mchappy/Capncook: Thanks for all of the advice as of late, I’m glad I got to know you guys more.

Swimmerboy: I’m glad you came back just after summer ended so I could get to know you better.

Kingfunks: We’ve had our ups and downs, but I’m glad we ended on a high point being allied leaders.

Purpleslime/Mrtchy: Good luck with ACP, you were doing great before and will continue to do great, I’m glad to say I could lead ACP to first with you two.

Fluffyboy3: Good luck with the US division, I will be watching and will always be there if you need any questions.

Jacknaut: I’m glad I got to know you, good luck in ACP, I hope you reach your goal.


The comical fun army that was a blast to lead, the friends that know the true meaning of loyalty.

Puckley: A mentor I will never forget, you were almost as wise with boomer and were almost never wrong.

Shedinja: I’m glad I got to meet you more, I hope you have a fun time watching all that anime.

Tanman: My redheaded friend who is always straight up chillin’, I’ve been missing you buddy.


Talex: My old BFF, the guy that never quit trying to make me laugh, one of the funniest guys in armies.

Danny: You were a bro, I’m glad I decided to overule the other leaders at the time and promote you, our friendship was worth it.

Beeky: We had pretty big plans, too bad we were never able to put them into action. Good luck with breaking Iceyfeet’s record.

Ice Warriors

The army that sure knows how to be neutral, a great ally when the day is done.

Tes: We had our ups and downs as well, wish you luck with the Ice Warriors in the future.

Surf/Ben: Led together in GT, was always fun messing around on ACP chat with you.

Golden Troops

The ambitious hardworking army, it was a blast to lead with so many talented people.

Jerry: I’m proud to say I led along side and served under you, you were a good friend.

Sercan: We certainly had our ups and downs, but I’m glad we looked past our differences.

Tap Dancer: A great friend, was always there when I needed someone to vent to.


The army that was never boring with all the coups and rebellions.

Wgfv: My pal through thick and thin, we’d always know how to put a smile to eachother’s face.

Derek: Great dude, I’m glad you decided to stick around. It wouldn’t be the same around here without you.

Trickster: The “ster” family would’ve never been born without you, great guy, glad you stop by sometimes.

Np3000: Led Ninjas, UMA together, always liked talking football and just straight up chilling.

Daniel: Always giving me a laugh with your intellectual cynical posts, you have a great mind, keep using it.

Dark Warriors

The army that added a darker side of the community, one that I grew to enjoy later on.

Spi: We developed a close friendship as allied leaders, and even before that we shared mutual interests.

Tempah: I’m glad to say we made up and are good friends now, good luck in the U to the K.


The historic army that was an amazing experience to lead.

Djgtjvgyhxgy: A great guy, someone I got to know well from Romans, and ACP.

Fire Warriors/Ninjas

The army that I considered home for more than a year.

Pochoma: A big mentor to me, great friends till the end, I’m glad you came back over the summer to share good times.

Pringle: A great leader, you along with poch made a great duo.

Flurrz: A great guy, probably one of the best people in the community, we had a blast in Ninjas.

Night Warriors

My first army, experienced their prime as a rookie in the army community.

Vendetta: My first leader to serve under, I’m glad you came back so we could catch up.

Vince: A good friend, you offered some good advice a while back, and I’m glad we caught up.

DJ Slides: We were really close, I’m glad you came back this year so we could talk.


The undisputed media kingpin in armies, living up to its name as the center of it all.

Blue1: PA master race for sure, we need to go to an eagles game soon, I hope you stick around so we can chat some more.

Blue2: Quality guy, I’m glad you are still sticking around, keep your brother in check for me.

Zakster: We were friends ever since CPAE, WV was fun while it lasted, good luck at CPAC.

Splasher: Dude, you are the man. You are a great guy and you always know how to get a smile on my face.


Thank you for making my army experience a wonderful and enjoyable time I would never give up.

17 Responses

  1. Awww

  2. Bye Mike

  3. Bye Mike! Sad to see you go. I don’t know you that much since you’re USA but I guess you’re awesome xD Cya and good luck in your groovay life!

  4. Wait, Wot m8?

  5. bye mike

  6. Merry X-mas Mike, Best Wishes from Rockstar1819
    Good Luck!

  7. Happy retirement Mike!

  8. Bye Mike, we’ll miss you. Best of luck!

  9. Aww nuts! yum, nuts!

  10. Bye mike

  11. Bye Mike. You are such a good ACP soldier and I am proud to have been your leader and be led by you too. I am sure that you will move on to take bigger and better roles in life.

    ~Kenneth1000, ACP Captain,
    Former ACP Leader & Your BFF

  12. +1 for mention

  13. Sad to see you go Mike! 😦 I wish you all the best in life and that you overcome every obstacle. You are an awesome friend and I enjoyed talking to you whenever we did!


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