USA Recruiting Session 11/7/2014

Hello ACP,

Today we had recruiting session we maxed 29 and averaged 24. Overall a great event  good job ACP!. Please click “read more for the pictures. Continue reading

UK U-lead Results!

Hey ACP, happy Friday! So today we had a UK U-lead at 7:30pm UK! Everyone who led was terrific. 3 medals if you came, we managed to hit 16+, I expect these sizes everyday!

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AUSIA Battle vs LT

Greetings ACP!

Today the AUSIA division logged in with one purpose: demolish LT. We did fantastic, and achieved our goal very well! With 35+ on chat, we had a max of 26 and average of 24, on a weekday & one bar! We are the greatest AUSIA to exist! Good work ACP. 3 medals if you came. Here’s the results:


at least you tried

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