Getting to know Troops! 2

Hello ACP,

Sadly or maybe fortunately the Halloween Party’s over!!! Today I interviewed Bandage who’s an ACP major and Rockman who’s a sergeant! Let’s see what they had to say!

The real

My interview with Rockman!

I must say we had a rather “xd” conversation!!! 

Me: Hello Rockman!!

Rockman: Hi xd

Me:  My first question: What do you like about the ACP?

Rockman: It has an awesome Ausia and awesome troops! xd

Me: xD Alright what did you like about the Halloween party?

Rockman: The puffle hotel quest and of course every time I like the new things xd! 

Me: Haha, My last question!! How do you think the Pirate party will be?

Rockman: It will be the best pirate party ever, the pirate party is always my favourite cp event! xd

Me: Yeah it’s pretty cool xD! Anyways Thanks for your time!

Rockman: yw xd

My interview with Bandage!

Me: Hello Bandage!!

Bandage: Hey There Star!

Me: Alright, my usual first question: What do you like the best about the ACP?

Bandage: The benevolent and enthusiastic owners who are always active and helpful!!!!

Me: Aww ty xD

Bandage: And the GFX site too!

Me:  My second question, What did you like about the Halloween part on cp?

Bandage: I liked the puffle hotel and … the Ghost Puflle!

Me: I liked the ghost puffle! It was cute and spooky!! Anyways thanks for your time Bandage!

Bandage: You’re Welcome Star! 😀

That’s it for today! See you next time with some more interesting interviews! Swag. (Sorry, I had to say Swag)

– Star


3 Responses

  1. Awesome post, Star!

  2. I would love to be interviewed.

  3. Fabulous! 😀

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