Remembering our fallen

Hello, ACP.

Today is an extremely important day for all of us. That day is Remembrance Day, or Veteran’s Day. November 11th marks the day in 1918 when an end to all the hostilities in the Great War were brought to an end after a brutal, bloody war. Today, we salute not only our fallen soldiers that died to save and protect YOU in the World Wars, but we salute our fallen soldiers that have died in all recent conflicts to defend and serve you, such as those that fell in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Vietnam, for example.

These soldiers were extremely brave- they have suffered massively, and have sacrificed many things, most importantly their lives, to fight for their country. They lived in awful conditions, lived on awful food, separated themselves from their loved ones, given up their luxuries and, most importantly, given up their lives to serve their country. We must remember their honourable and sacrificial actions, and we shall never forget them. The wounds that have been caused by the losses of our own people have never healed, even though time has passed- the pain has only lessened, but the pain caused by the loss of our brave soldiers will never disappear. We must always consider what they went through and the pain they had to go through, and use this as even an inspiration in times of our own troubles- we must remember the things the soldiers did for us, and the things they gave up to make our lives safe, free and peaceful.

I present a poppy in remembrance of the fallen, and as a symbol of the peace the fallen created, in a conclusion to this short yet solemn memorial post.

Ken: On behalf of the Canadians in the ACP, I’d also like to present a Canadian poppy alongside the British poppy, for our fallen.


Never forget.

Signing off,

Maxy 777

6 Responses

  1. Maxy, that was just… so amazing

  2. Wow, this was a very well put together post. Remembrance day always means a lot to me as I have had family members on my family tree go to war. I always pay my respects to them and everyone else’s family members each year. πŸ™‚

  3. Wow. That post had so much feeling.

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