Club Penguin Reusable Unlock Item Code/ ACP Drawings Information

Hi ACP this is Carson here and today Club Penguin Released an new unlock code so you can unlock an umbrella. If you want to unlock the code you will need to type in the code, “DOZHDIK1”. As soon as you unlock the code your screen will look like this:

Also, if you can PC me some drawings that you made and I might post a few of them on the ACP website if you want me to. The drawings can be drawn on the computer or hand drawn. They also need to have something to do with ACP. I will post the drawings you give me on November 20th so get drawing!


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the code Carson!

  2. there are two mor codes I need to tell :
    1.bearcubs -bear costume
    2.snowflake – snowflake costume
    you may copy-paste the codes if you want.

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