Hide and seek!


2pm EST // 1pm CST // 12pm MST // 7pm UK

Smello troops!

I’ve decided to have a new tournament in ACP, because who doesn’t love games?

If you’re a new troop you’re probably wondering: “How do you play hide and seek on cp?” Well, i’m here to give a few instructions on how to play, to make sure everyone knows.

When someone kindly volunteers to seek, the rest of us goes and hides. The seeker waits for 2 mins (or until everyone is ready) and goes and finds you. If you’re a hider and you get caught, please be honest! Its no fun if a game goes on forever because of mean cheaters.¬†

Finally, when everyone has been found, the last person to be found wins.

After several games, the person with the most wins, wins! The winner gets a total of 10 medals and temp mod and second place gets 5 medals! (If people are willing to donate i may give out xat prizes too ;3)

Sounds fun, doesn’t it? It will take place every Sunday at these times:

Times : 2pm EST // 1pm CST // 12pm MST // 7pm UK

Comment if you’re coming and if you have any questions just ask when you see me on chat! Hope to see u there ;3

~ LionzLover

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