Question of the day! What is your favorite song?

Hello ACP!

Jack here with you today, with a question! I am going to be doing a “question of the day”, on the website. Note that it probably wont be daily, but I will try to make it as frequent as possible. Here is today’s question:

What is your favorite song?

This can be currently favorite, all time favorite, anything you want to add! Make sure to provide a YouTube link!

Personally, mine is currently American Woman, by the Guess Who.

More to come!



Unscheduled U-lead Results!

Hai ACP! Today we went on Breeze to have an unscheduled u-lead. We maxed 18 and averaged around 15. The troops did an amazing job! Pics are from Slime & Ahmed, Thanks!.

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AUSIA TrainingI Session 11/16/2014

Hello ACP, we logged on Avalanche, a 1 bar server and had  an AUSIA training session today getting sizes of 15. If you want to see the pictures please click “read more”. Continue reading

Yesterday’s recruiting & tactic session

Hey ACP, Purp here! Yesterday at 8:30, we had did some tactics and some recruiting on Alaska (3 bar). Sounds weird, but it’s because some troops wanted a recruiting instead and some just wanted to do the tactic session so I made us log on to the only 3 bar, Alaska! Anyway, we did quite fine and maxed 25 on CP at the town but then we went to the plaza and got 17 there. Our tactics were okay but they really do need to improve! Read  more for my pics..

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Ahmed’s Amazing ACP Guide #2: Event types

Hello ACP! Today, I will show you a post about all the event types. You might be new to about one or two event types if you have not been here for a long while. Continue reading

Active Count [Everyone must comment]!


Greetings ACP!

The first active count in a while is here! Everyone must comment, all ranks except Private will be cleared if you don’t comment, you will be removed! Comment within 7 days (ends at 4:00am EST on the 23rd November). Here’s the form you must complete in a comment:

1. What is your name on the ranks?

2. What is your rank?

3. What would you rate yourself in activeness (1-10)?

4. What division are you (AUSIA, UK, USA)?


1. What is your name on the ranks? Mrtchy

2. What is your rank? Commander in Chief

3. What would you rate yourself in activeness (1-10)? 10

4. What division are you (AUSIA, UK, USA)? AUSIA