Ahmed’s Amazing ACP Guide #2: Event types

Hello ACP! Today, I will show you a post about all the event types. You might be new to about one or two event types if you have not been here for a long while.

Training Session

Training Sessions are events that help with tactics. You also practise bombs, rakes, waterfalls etc. Sometimes advanced formations. For some reason, lots of people hate them because they are “too common”

Training Session during June

Recruiting Session

Another very common event, recruiting sessions help the army grow up. Not many tactics are done, and bombs occur very rarely. Another event type that some troops don’t like very much (like me!! It helps though *wary*)

Recruiting Session earlier this week

Practice Battles

This is a type of event that trains you for wars. They can be very fun, but when you are against an enemy, it can be very annoying!

Practice Battle with the Ice Warriors (our brother allies) last month


An invasion is a type of war event when another army wants to take over a different army’s server. A defense is where an army wants to protect their server.

Invasion of Sleet in August

Tactic Session

A tactic session is an event where you practice tactics. It is nearly like a training session except it is way less advanced than a training session.

Tactic Session on Tuesday

U-lead Event

U-lead sessions are nearly identical to training/tactic sessions, except owners don’t lead! Moderators and members lead this event, but owners help organise it.

U-lead last week (very advanced tactic by Maxy!)

Hunt and Kill Battles

Hunt and Kill battles are extremely rare these days, not just in ACP, but the whole community. This battle is very legendary. You don’t need xat for this type of event, you just use CP. Instead of a pic, I will show you an old ACP battle video, the battle of Mammoth against UMA.

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