Question of the day! What is your favorite song?

Hello ACP!

Jack here with you today, with a question! I am going to be doing a “question of the day”, on the website. Note that it probably wont be daily, but I will try to make it as frequent as possible. Here is today’s question:

What is your favorite song?

This can be currently favorite, all time favorite, anything you want to add! Make sure to provide a YouTube link!

Personally, mine is currently American Woman, by the Guess Who.

More to come!



12 Responses

  1. I have so many favourite songs :’)

  2. go 70s and 80s music! no wait, but i like ‘move your feet’ by junior senior that song is groooo-vy for real

  3. So many, but they are from Nickelodeon. Maybe “I want you back”

  4. I really don’t have one. That’s a tough question!

  5. Mine is, “Battle Scars”, by Lupe Fiasco.

  6. It has to be either “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen or “Clint Eastwood” by Gorillaz.

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