Being a weirdo

Hai ACP. I just wanna show how weird I can be sometimes lol. I decided to give the owners second names or nicknames *wary*

Mrs. Purpleslime McFlufferNutter

Mrtchy Of Itches

 Mr. Fluffyboy McFlufferNutter

Djkb Banter-Saiyan

Ahmed The Duck

Star Rats (palindrome alert! o_o)

Jack Frogheadface

Lauren The Rainbow

Carson The Car Dude

This makes me embarrassed. It really is. At least it’s fn

Important Battle VS DW soon!

Attend for medals and promotion credit! Also, if we win with nice sizes some of you could get the following…

  • Temp owner

  • Temp mod

  • A promotion!

Attend this event guys! Make ourselves proud.

AUSIA Training

Greetings ACP!

The ACP AUSIA Division logged onto White Out [3 bar] for a recruiting, but decided to do training instead! We had really good tactics, and mediocre sizes. We maxed 16 and averaged 15, 2 medals if you came. Here’s the results:

acp forever


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