Purpleslime4’s good ol’ comments from the good ol’days… PT 1…

Hello troops. Thanksies Maxy for making that post, I guess you gave me a new series to do… xD My CP name is Pet penguin5, so this was my old wordpress account.

There’s so many more comments that I’ve made, so expect a second post..



6 Responses

  1. Lmfao, I guess I’m gonna do some old comments aswell

  2. now everyone is doing it ;-;

  3. When you check back at old comments you will reflect on how much you matured…
    And how damn awkward you were back there.
    *insert story of my life*

  4. oh god, don’t u dare find mine

  5. I thank god that when I joined ACP I already had some experience…

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