Invasion of Thermal — Victory!

Hello ACP!

Jack here today with results of the Thermal invasion, and quite a story to tell! We mistakenly started out, with our allies IW, on the server Thermal, but we moved to Ice Box shortly after. Both armies confronted LT in the stadium, with a few lock outs in the forts. Afterwards, ACP moved to the Berg with IW. Word came to us that LT was having some sort of odd victory session in the Night Club, so logically, the two of us bombed in and relentlessly assaulted them. LT logged off 5 minutes early, claiming victory. You cannot claim victory if the battle has not ended. By the forfeit of LT, and even without it, we have won the battle. ACP maxed 21, with an average of 19. With IW’s forces combined, we consistently had 40-45. Great job today ACP. “Read more”, for pictures:

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❗ Size: ❗


❗ Tactics: ❗


❗ Troop Attention: ❗


❗ Overall: ❗

Excluding IW, our size could use some improvement. Our tactics we’re superb throughout the whole battle. Troop attention was as well good. Recruit! Recruit! Recruit! and we will get the sizes we desire. Great work today ACP!


The Light Troops played dirty; what a surprise. They logged off early, and I am sure they will conjure up some excuse in their results post. ACP, if we lose a battle, we will admit defeat. That is something we reserve above LT. The person who retains the moral high-ground will be better off, while their enemies fester. We won today, and I see many wins coming in the future. Amazing work ACP.

Fight the light,



10 Responses

  1. Great job today, ACP! Thank you to IW!

  2. Well done ACP!

  3. I came! 😀

  4. I CAME

  5. I came

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