Response to LT’s CLAIM For Invalidation

Fluffy Edit: Just to make sure elmikey didn’t get away with this. I discussed the situation with Funks. Elmikey, next time you may want to turn your nopc off 😉

Greetings ACP and/or LT!

Yesterday, the ACP declared war on the LT. Immediately after I had pc’d their leader on Xat that we had declared war, linking him to our invasions schedule for their pathetic nation. But LT are cowards, and they know it, so they try to invalidate our invasion, as seen below:




My time zone is AWST, EST+13. The same time zone as PH on our invasion schedule. This translates to me PCing their leader at… 6:53AM. I actually even pc’d him a lot earlier than that, but he just lacked a response. Nice try LT, nice try. Your dirty play won’t work in ACP, Elmikey.

“LT leadership was notified that ACP declared war when I got on at around 12:00pm EST on Thursday November 27th. ACPs first invasion was 20 hours after, therefore no 24 hour notice was given. Breaking the 24 hour notice rule. Good try ACP. ACP’s Friday invasions of Thermal & Outback are not invalid at this time, we must defend.”

Though this is irrelevant, he literally says he was on at 12:00pm EST, but states simultaneously after that the invasions of Thermal and Outback are invalid, despite the invasions being at 2-3 pm EST & 7-8 pm EST. Contradicting yourself their Elmikey? This is still irrelevant as he was told at exactly or prior to 6:53 AM EST.

How can you trust a leader who makes up things on the spot, and saying things that don’t even make sense?

The initial invasion hadn’t even begun and he had already started manipulating himself to believe something he’s not – the best.

Everyone have a round of applause for Elmikey and his weak army.

sarcastic clap 2 sarcastic clap slow clap cheng


ACP Commander in Chief

10 Responses

  1. *claps*

  2. *claps*

  3. Elmikey has a book of excuses probably, we just dis proved one. 99 thousand more to go.

  4. LOL

  5. Clap Clap

  6. *claps*
    I ❤ a good Elmikey fail

  7. I think most people do…

  8. (Slow claps)


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