Hushes, explained

Hello, ACP!

Today, I’m bringing to you a rather important post explaining HUSHES on chat. During events, you may discover that you are unable to talk, and a message will pop up on chat saying something like “I have temporarily silenced (your name here) for X amount of seconds”. Many troops commonly believe that, when this message appears, they have been personally muted by the owners, and this may prompt them to become angered and even quit in some cases. DO NOT WORRY IF THIS MESSAGE APPEARS ON YOUR SCREEN! When this message pops up (generally during events when traffic levels are high on chat and people are flooding), it means that the entire chat has been muted temporarily (normally for about 30 seconds to 1 minute) so the Owners can make an announcement on chat, or give orders without having to worry about flood on chat.

Hushes: The temporary muting of the entire chat, guests to moderators. The time in which guests, members and moderators are muted allows owners to make announcements on chat.


Above shows the message you will see when an owner hushes the chat. This does NOT mean you have been gagged on chat for bad reasons! As explained above, it allows the owners to announce things. You will know if the muting is a chat hush because you’ll see that little hourglass next to “Reason:”.


Above shows the user list on chat during a hush. During a hush, a little circle will appear by the pawns of guests, mods and members. This means that EVERYONE has been muted on the chat, NOT JUST YOU. The owners do not have the circle next to their pawn, suggesting that they are hushing you to make an announcement.

In summary, when you see the above message and the user list as shown in the image, it means the entire chat has been silenced, so the owners can speak. Next time this happens, do NOT get upset! You have not been muted personally, but everyone has been muted so the owners can announce things.

Over and out,

General Maxy 777, Army of Club Penguin

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  1. Finally someone explains hushes… -.-

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