Promotions November 2014 [RANKS PAGE IS UPDATED!]

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Greetings ACP!

This month has been filled with epicness! Lots of promotions, a few demotions, and war! Good job to those who got a promotion, remember if you only just joined ACP the last few days, chances of being promoted a slimmer! There was a quintuple promotion this month, excellent work to that soldier. Congratulations to all! If you believe you deserved a promotion, not on ranks, or anything related to ranks, comment below stating why/what the issue is! If you didn’t get promoted say why you deserved it! Here’s the promotions:

Army || Navy || Air Force

Red= USA/CA || Blue = UK/EUR || Green = AUS/ASIA

Commander in Chief

Mrtchy, Purple Slime4

Field Marshal

Djkb1, Fluffyboy3


Ahmed 7569, Carson4, Jacknat02, Myma001, Wicked Wickz


Agent Brando, Maxy777,  Peter9977

Lieutenant General

Chainz, Harry0388, Holly8857, Lionzlover, Sonic11352, Tymatt, Rockstar1819, Spyguy

Major General

 Chase50, King Mondo, Menchies258,   Peachpincher, Vivek 

Brigadier General

Brigade3, Daisy67540,  Jaisick,  Nr Rr,  P1nkpal,  Pham9


Crazy tow, Dancer5118, Galaxie3, Gian Lucak, Gtfive,  Izun3434,  Jack Frenzy, Mohmd124, Rocky60026, roggy83, Scooter3092Sidie


Abhi20,   Athul 1, Atticus,  Bandage23BeanoKid95,  Fireheart454, Free Dude 15, Jack FrenzyKenz112Mini Mee24, Moneytrees Mowillm,  Rix ,Waddler Pro


Dark Lexicon, humza79809, Jonty99, Kenneth1000, Roboo23, Tape4444, Teyyyy1,  , Yellow1908

First Lieutenant

Blazer/Eyebrawllc, Bryanbo, Dadar, GOKUL ESWARA, Koloway, Penguin1973, Peppy Krijh, Pink Dragon, Rockman19103Rockor King

Second Lieutenant

AgentRay,  anirudh123, Barry87, Benimish, Buddyfrosty, culdhoni,  Dak5th1,  Elio54321, Greatoz5, Herobrine544, Pingugreen6, Rizky1, Rock, Wormboy16, Wilt0, Zeckll


 Graffocp (44 Ducks 44), Blueychaz, Camaris, DJ3d1, KiggoMidnight677moha2712, Moki101,  Nathalex1, Noah Bo,  omdada1, Owlfish,  penopeno1234,  Pinguu32, plobblob, Savannah58, Sonic46117, Shiverwings3, Shisuka5, Tigerthetank


47 Ronin, 4RBisthebest,87singupingu, Abcd54323, Agent mcray, Akram7570, Alexandrovna,  Alkat, Alori818,Ally75325 Andreg, Antwerp001,  Apolodorerou,  Baconman344, Batman14312, Bigbome1, boberyober, Booma 200, Brok2912, Cardmaster2, CaraCP7377, Champenguin1, cooldude5615Coolwence12, Crazytran, Dalmation564, Doddiy, Dude 46, dukefire1, Esmb57, Egbert3487,  Elzzabeth, enilio211, Eve154, Fluffy121212, Gabija444, gilhdartsHalo20001, Hope Cupcake, Huda1Hiba, Huntertyler1, icedragonus, joey00009, katie93611, kikizilla, King Alej, Koky44, Kowalski8668, Lampo2011, Lt1200, Manman311,Midori3f65, Muimuipui, Moti11, Muhutirts, Nachoarmy12 ,Nathanpp5, Nelson, Nick56701, noah boy,  obiwan65, patbobs6, Pavlovna, Penny Henny, Pinkella08Pinkparty321, Pinky54986, Pinny007, Pip3452, Pretty 103, promqueen771, puffleguy41, rainbow1020, Randomness9,  scret agent2, Seansonic1, shadow 766, SierraiscutesiroinkalotSlimy54789, Soldierme, Spyroalex31, Striker6134, Sulton123, Superlucky79, T A Morowsky, tazboi47, tazza19, Tourmonkey, tigerfury34, Tinkacher77, Thegiraffe17, Tropical66,Vanessaroyal, Willy32847, Xkingl3g3nd, Yoshi72365, Zainibam, Zana202


0915purple, 123abclola, 5Superman1, 8rylos , Abbycat11, Aidie Pingu,, Alec99900, Aleks6, aleksander139,  Ares04, ark101, Ashyeo, Awesome70084, Axvak,Barbi12165, Barbie21292, Blue Blueyadams, Boomer5351, Bradeil, Brizzle2, Brooksy04, Caleb3011, Cameron401,  Cheeseburg94, Chillystar9, Chris2000, Clover902, Club, Cphaxord, CPPSFAN123, Cristal1126, Cruz702, Coolchamp1, coolguy164, cutie11pie11,Cutie pink8, Danielnerf3d, Darkblaze373, Dash, dashpika525, Davalors, dezzygirl13, Diadiadidi, Dylanrocks 3, Efry123, Ella123ella, elsa39352, Erba1, Erinloleary, Erniepoo, Ethan, Ethrox1, Evilbeafowl, Expertedwin, Firebolt222, Flapflip506, Fly cyrus, Flynn510, funkydude26,  ggilber8, Gijoey2, Glendalee123, Goat Lips, Gogogogo3519, Gugugrah, Gummybare1, Haloween1000, Hannapink10, Harriet, Harryf2008, Harrypanda, Hazykins, Helena2, Henry129, Herman259, Hoggywarty, Ice20004, Izzyfizzy04, Jack53785, Jaster90, jaykwan1, Jake The 3rd, Juice Pooch,  josh69100, Kaboom101, Kaipoop, Karim209267, Katy, Kevinawsome9, Khallan, Khizr31, Khristia1,  Kokocanoby, Komy7654, Kyleb12213, Kyokik, Ladybugs3, Lightning344, Limeypie2, lion2141, Linoz1, Littley 2000, Ljil, Logoff20, Lucky7712, Luke90000,, mihirv,  Mr Funny29,  nick18 19, Nino01, Niomiot, Ire5980, izzotech, Madrid134, Manmar3, Matthewvacc, marvel30may, MaximizedBFat, Megatron04, Melodly1130Minotaur123, Mordecai5754,aishawinx42, Miguel9738, Miketysonjr, mimi22004, Moksh 48, Mousemelw, N1650, Newfive122, OCTSONIC, Oscar 305 ,mario99090 Panda140,  Pippio, pisimatu, Popperdude11, MixyGrits, robbinbank10, Mrcress, Mrkouklos199, Nathanl9, Nickrb8, Niko, Orudenselu, owais21, Olivia28775, Orange Ice7, Osama120, Beverly Ma1, paul1350, Peach26943, Pengi62003, Ava616, Penguinbule6, Pengy Phil, Piggy, Pinguwins786, Pingy46, puppybunnysu, Qnok, Queen6767, Queensnowx, Quidditchcap, qwert3346, rackles3, Ramice Tan, Raritypengy, Ravenpower05, Ravinta, Redman1213, Rkpranav, RuckaaBee, rylee4712, Saadod, Saigexo, Samers513, Scoodlecat, Shrimp37159, Shobu5, Silversurf84, Slipperslop, SML 123, Soccerboy126, Stampy1790, Stormy6785, Sublimemoon, Super Arsath, superdog334, superman6085, Sweety803, Tajriana, Thegooooose, Toothwiz, Tysuke, M1nty1 Undercover81, Usmcx,  Teosicribff, layto108, Webkinznotme, Withnohands, Wooden12, Woody sa cvf, x2wwe, Yan Thoan,  Youo619, Zaira253, atharvfresh, Zackerznsam, Zainibam

Creator: Oagalthorp

Constables: Boomer 20, Shaboomboom

14 Responses


  2. Congrats! 😀

  3. Yay, I’m Captain 😛

  4. I think I deserve a promo because I lost my main CP account and I’m stil looking for a penguin or maybe I might make a new one. I am on chat almost everyday and I could be on at almost any time whatsoever. I hope you take his into consideration.

  5. No promo for me, I guess US divison won’t get another owner right now so we can stabilize the divison and make it grow.

  6. Nice job everyone who got ranked up.

  7. Woo congrats guys!

  8. I think I deserve a promotion ,since I came to nearly every uk event and attended some ausia events.

  9. I deserve a promotion i know i wasnt able to show up to enough events but please im the only one in this army left that joined before may that isnt mods and why do u guys just instantly give a guy mod if he was in a different army and u give some random ppl mod just because they were a good soilder after 2 months i just really and tempah i dont know if he was lying or not but i think he said if i wasnt mod in december he would declare war on acp and i think he is in pirates right now and i think pirates are allies with lt

  10. I am 2 ranks higer!!!

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