My last BAA

The Order Of The Fluffy Sheep

Due to my studies, I have decided to leave all armies, and xat as well. I may not be returning, and my visits will be rare. I think i have made several achievements in the past, such as becoming the last AR legend, forming a CPAC army which was a very strong AUSIA force that could defeat many CPAC and high ranking S/M armies during it’s time, “Best Leader” and “Fastest Rise” in SMAC’s Winter Awards in 2013, and finally, SMAP Person Of The Year in 2014.

In my time, we were important to the world war between JLA and NDA, since Greek Sheeps was the only AUSIA force in the JLA, which other armies in our alliance, including the Army Republic and Nachos were dependent on for AUSIA invasions and defense. I think we were important at that time, and things would have been different if we never existed. About 4 to…

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Hello ACP troops.

Are you new to ACP and have no idea what is going on? Do you wanna learn skills in ACP and be the best you can be in ACP?

Then apply for ACPTR!

The ACPTR ( which stands for Army of Club Penguin Training Regiment) is a special regiment in the ACP that teaches troop about how to be a ACP troop and what being in ACP means! All you need to do is come to the class, maybe log on Club Penguin maybe not,  and then you get credits for coming! Depending on how many credits you got depends on what sort of promotion you get in ACP!

If you’re between the ranks of Private to First Lieutenant then you can join ACPTR! 

If you are interested in joining ACPTR today then click the join button below!

acp soldier

The join button!



New US 3ic’s!

Greetings ACP! Happy new year also! :D. Over the course of a week, The US division temporary third in commands had a chance to show off their skills in a duel for the permanent third in command rank. I’d like to say Both of them did pretty good, Mondo and Sonic should be proud of themselves. However we have a winner. So the new US division third in command is…

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[ARMY DIVISION] Practice Battle with DB//Tactics Session Results

Greetings soldiers,

Tonight we had a scheduled practice battle again the Dark Bandits, but they surrendered about 5 minutes into the battle so we decided to make a tactics session out of it! It was an okay event for the US, maxing 11 and averaging 9. ACPRF must continue recruiting at the rate they did the previous week for the US can start maxing 20 more regularly on its own. Overall good job for a New Years Eve event! This was our 3rd in Command King Mondo’s first event he led solely on his own.

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[UK/US] Re-Invasion Of Caribou [ACP VICTORY!]

Greetings ACP,

Today, we logged on at 7pm GMT to Caribou, but something weird started happening to us and the Nachos, so we decided to move to Klondike. I must say,  I was impressed with both size and tactics, we maxed 20, and averaged 17, but of course, there is always room for improvement! 3 medals if you came, and read on for the pics.

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‘Ello Again, Mods! Moderator Points Summary + Announcement!

Microsoft Word 2010 is actually pretty cool- how do ya guys like this? Huh?

Hey ACP, Purp here! Here is the summary for the mod points from the 15th of December to the 30th of December. Read on!

Last time I posted results from the mod points I absolutely negatively did not receive great feedback, as you could see-

Wow, I’m such a baby. Thanks for the feedback though. That is why I have done a poll with the o22wners about this moderator points system, and almost all of us have agreed for it to be ABOLISHED!  SO IT’S GONE! LAST POST! SO LONG, MOD POINTS! I noticed all the flaws about owners not adding points and moderators not being amused by it, so there you have it. Let’s see the summary though and which mods have worked well!

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[AUSIA/UK] Reclaimation of Fiesta

Hey ACP,

We terrific event was awesome I hope your dreams and wished are coming year to end 2014. Wlecoming to 2015 will be splended. Wish you the best ACP! Apologies for connection my modem was keep on sudden plug-off due to me out of control, Excuse for that sorry for that! 😥

Here are the results:

2 Medals if you came, Comment below if you came!

Rockstar, ACP Commander (Filipino Pride)

images (4)

Happy New Year!

images (5)

Join the ACPRF today!


Are you sick and tired of the same old thing. Sitting there on chat, nobody talking, or you are just randomly bored? I know the medicine to cure that illness. It’s called the RECRUITING medicine! Do you want to know where to find it? Read on to find out where to get it…

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Reclaiming Brumby (AUSIA/UK)

Hello, ACP!

Today, we logged onto Brumby to reclaim our lost server. The Nachos did not show up to this battle, so towards the end, we decided to do a Red VS Blue Practice Battle with lots of snowball fighting. The Reds dominated the first half of the battle, pushing back the Blues and forcing them to retreat to other rooms, but the Blues successfully held back against the Reds in the Mall/Stage, setting up sniper positions on the top floor and having a group of soldiers joke bomb the door to defend against attacking Reds. We averaged and maxed about 15 during this battle. 3 medals if you came!

We only have 2 pictures, unfortunately. I expect you all to begin taking pictures at events of tactics and maneuvers, for you may earn extra medals for doing so.

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ACP Promotions December 2014 – Happy New Year…’s eve!

Greetings ACP,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! This is the final promotion day of the year. I hope that we will do even better in 2015. More promotions, less demotions! Anyways read on to see if you are going to be promoted or demoted. Or the same rank 😛 .

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