Tournament Battle against Elite Penguins [VICTORY]

Hello, ACP!

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Greetings ACP!

AUSIA tonight battled the RPF, we had an upset with our sizes, however. We must improve, ACP! We maxed 15, averaging 14. It wasn’t too spectacular, luckily we came out with a win, but not by much. 2 medals if you came. Here’s the results:


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Ahmed’s Amazing Guide #5: How to fight in battles

Hey ACP. First of all, I apologize about how short my last guide was. Anyway, if you want to find out more about wars/practice battles, check my post about it by clicking  here . Continue reading

Poll of the week!

Hello Acp!

Last time I made a poll on something I love to do, reading books. This time again it’s about something that we all love doing, at least most of us! Listening to music. From Rock to Pop I love all types of music! I’m sure you do too! So here’s this weeks poll.



musiz quote


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