Tournament Battle against Elite Penguins [VICTORY]

Hello, ACP!

Today, we battled the Elite Penguins in a tournament, averaging about 20 with decent tactics. We did emerge victorious, however, do NOT get complacent. This size is appalling for ACP, even if it is the best size we have had in the UK division all week. If these sizes do not start improving, demotions will begin. I will not settle for sizes like this in times of war, and intense battles- you must begin recruiting and working harder if you want us to get anywhere. If you want ACP to do better, you cannot just rely on us- you’ve got to put in as much effort as we owners do. Anyhow, to those who did attend this battle, thank you for attending and keep up the good work. Here is the gallery of photos of the battles, taken by Purp, Mchappy and Pham.





That’s all there is today. We did emerge victorious, but only because the Elite Penguins did not show up. Good tactics and decent sizes, but bring it on next time, ACP.



Over and Out,

ACP Commander Maxy 777

5 Responses

  1. I came

  2. I came! 😀

  3. Came! Good work ACP <333

  4. I came.

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