An Introduction of Myself.

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Defence of Breeze [Loss]

Hi ACP, Purp here. Today we unfortunately lost Breeze from LT. I think we averaged about 20, and tactics were alright however we really need to improve. 3 medals if you came, thank you brigade for the pictures!

How to improve:

  1. Pay attention more on chat
  2. Try reducing lag by taking off moving smilies and not spamming much on chat
  3. Motivate and hype the event
  4. Try recruiting before the event too on xat chats or CP and tell them to go where we are going

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Random Jokes #3

‘Ello guys. This is my third issue of “Random Jokes”. This time they are from the internet, unlike last week.

Q.Why did the banana go to the hospital?

A. Because he wasn’t peeling well!

Q. What’s the slipperiest country?

A. Greece!

The banana joke is a pun of the word “feeling”, and the Greece one is like “Grease”.

[Ausia] Reclamation of White House – Victory

Hello Acp!

Today we got our server back, White House. We battled against Lt who did not show up again. On the other hand we this extremely well! We averaged 23 and maxed 25, with excellent tactics, they were perfect really! Well done Acp! Proud of you. Keep this up! 3 medals if you came! Here’s the results:




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Changes in the Ownership!

*NOTE: Maxy has also been demoted to 4ic.*

Greetings ACP!

Today I will be changing things around in the AUSIA Leadership! We have been down a bit for a while, now time to bring us up, ready for Star’s Leadership of AUSIA! Hopefully this will make the transition a lot smoother and BETTER! Here’s the whole changes:

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This is FINAL. Deadline: 8th December, 4PM EST