Clearing up some things

Hey ACP it’s Djkb1 here your ex-2ic. I’m here to say that I’m going to be retiring from ACP. The main reason is that I am unhappy about how the leadership is. I’m not saying that you guys are incapable of leading I’m saying that as a leadership you need to work together as one army. You are the heart of an army. An organism cannot live without a heart. You might say: “you’re unloyal” you might tell me that I’m “a traitor”. I am none of those. ACP is my home army and still is. But ACP is going in a direction that I cannot say that it will benefit the army. I can’t even recognize ACP anymore. I probably will come back but only when everything is under control in terms of leadership. I don’t want my 2ic rank back and I believe that Maxy should and will be 3ic with no strings attached. Now I’d like to say some words of advice for each of the owners:

Ahmed: You’ve been a great 3ic to lead with, one of the best I know. Make sure you always come up with ideas to benefit the army and always speak your mind out.

Maxy: Man, we had a great time in ACP. I know you’re new but you should totally be confident with your decisions. Don’t be afraid to be a little strict or don’t be afraid to be negative. Everyone looks up to you, Maxy, remember that. FNAF 4 lief.

Fluffy: I know our relationship has been a bit rocky sometimes but deep down I always envied your ability to look to the bright side of things and always have great ideas. I know recruiting is tough for you but you should make up for it by doing other things. Don’t stop speaking out your mind Fluffy, it will always be useful for later life.

Star: Although I didn’t know you much Star, I’ve always considered you being an awesome owner and a great asset to the ACP ownership. When Mrtchy retires you must be ready to grit your teeth and get on with “it”.

Lauren: I think you’re one of the coolest people I’ve ever met in CP Armies. Your drawing are amazing and your personality is a great inspiration. I feel bad that you got demoted though, if you have problems with event times and such, speak to the leaders.

Mrtchy: Ayyy Imao, Mrtchy, you’re an awesome leader. Although I disagreed with some of your actions like firing Gar, I still thought that you’re confident with your decisions. Keep doing that. I look forward to seeing you in retirement island with me.

PurpleSlime: Wow, If there’s anyone in ACP who’ve I’ve looked up to the most it’s got to be you, Purp. You’re a great leader and an awesome friend. I look forward to see what ideas you can pull out of the hat. You’re very creative and I think you should be nominated for CP Army Legend simply because you’re the kindest person I know. But I’m going to be honest here. I don’t think you were ready to be leader. Yeah yeah shout and rage all you want I just think you were forced to be leader. I’m not saying you are incompetent I’m only saying that you need to be confident with your decisions and ask the mods what they want and why. 

Well that concludes an era of my CP army career, 3 years guys, 3 years.  

11 Responses

  1. Good luck then *cries*

  2. Damn shafted

  3. I’ll miss you Dj, hope you do well!

  4. FNAF for life, bro, If you ever decide to come back on chat, I’ll update you about how ACP is going. My last words to you are these- make the most of your life, and don’t screw your life up. Make one bad move, such as taking drugs or something, during the teenage years can screw up your entire life. So make the most of the life you’ve been given and I wish you all the best.

  5. Aw, I will really miss you 😦

  6. Then do something about it not just complain. -_-

  7. Now I’ve collected every amiibo.

  8. I quit again neegurs ahahaha

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