Step it up or face the consequences

Listen closely, ACP. This is important.

Today’s battle at Ice Box was absolutely embarassing. It was a disgrace to the UK division and an embarassment to the entire ACP. Today wasn’t the only poor event today. All of our UK/US events have been appalling. We’re struggling to max 10 at most UK/US events at weekends, and we can’t even scrape 20 at weekend events, so I’m not going to sit here and stand for excuses or complacency anymore. I’m fed up of coming on to chat and hearing “IT’LL BE OKAY GUYS WE’LL DO BETTER NEXT TIME” or “JUST RECRUIT AND IT WILL BE OKAY” or “WE HAD A BAD DAY TODAY ACP :)”, because it’s not ‘motivating’, it’s just downright lying and complacency. I’m not going to stand for this kind of attitude towards ACP anymore, and if you want this to work, you’ve got to stop pretending things are all okay and it’s all sugar plums and rainbows. Because let’s face it- with the attitude some of you bring to the chat, this war against LT won’t get anywhere and you’ll keep having to taste the sour taste of defeat.  This does NOT apply to all of you, but even if it doesn’t, don’t take this post lightly, but this laziness and complacent attitude has to stop, now.

First off, I’d like you all to look up to Harry0038, our UK moderator who does an absolute bucketload of chat recruiting and is responsible for attracting more and more recruits to the ACP chat every day. I order you to go and speak to him about recruiting, and adopt the same recruiting styles as him. If we could all recruit as much as him, think how much bigger we’d be, and how much better we’d stand against LT. Sure, we have an excellent AUSIA division but I will not stand up for any more of this “It’s okay AUSIA will take it back”. If I see any attitudes like that, you can expect an angry scolding from me. If you want this to work, you’ve got to put the effort in and stop relying on AUSIA so much. Get recruiting for UK and US, fix the attitudes and maybe you’ll see some good for ACP.

Summarising, a lot of you need to fix your attitudes if you want to win this. By this, I don’t mean you bully everyone on chat mercilessly. I mean that you’ve got to stop pretending it’s all going to be okay and that AUSIA will come to the rescue. I know for a fact that these ideas of “it’s okay we’ll be fine” “ausia will invade it back” etc are used by a lot of you, and that needs to change, now, along with laziness among SOME of you and general inactivity. If I do not see some form of improvement to attitudes towards events, recruiting and activity (the latter only applying to a small proportion of you), then you can start to expect MID-MONTH DEMOTIONS.

What will motivate you is knowing that recruiting hard, being active and accepting defeats and working on ACP’s mistakes will bring ACP to another Golden Age. What won’t motivate troops is blatantly lying and pretending that it’s all going to be alright. Because, with a complacent attitude like that, it won’t be all alright.

Time to step it up, ACP.

Over and out,

Maxy 777, ACP Commander

12 Responses

  1. Well done firing me!

  2. The lad has a point

  3. Finally, someone that actually cares about ACP’s US/UK division….


  5. Wv has the same problem.

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