Funny Pictures from Sonic

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Mandatory Christmas Chaos Tourney Battle.

Hai ACP! As you know, we are in the Christmas Chaos toruney, this week we are facing the Nachos. This battle is mandatory. Here are the times

Saturday 13th December

Army of CP vs Nachos

This is a real important battle ACP. stay here for the whole thing and you could get temp mod or owner!


[UK] Invasion of Sardine. Yum.

you’re finally ours!


Hey ACP, Purp here! Today, we successfully invaded Sardine from LT. Turns out during the battle, LT went on but stayed at the Ice Berg the whole time- barely even reaching our sizes. They didn’t even attack us when we were at the town and forts!  Water also claimed victory and the troops didn’t agree. Okay. We hit sizes of around 10-12 on CP with pretty decent tactics. 3 medals if you came, fine job and welcome to all the troops who have recently joined!

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Rockstar: Intro About Me

Hey ACP,

I’ll give you some of my info in CP Armies… Here we go,(2013) before I joined CP Armies I usually Play CP and hanging out with friends. Being with them was fun, One of my friends Chito 747 wear some black thing or I’ll say Uniform. I was getting on to line and go to Chito (I don’t remember the server sorry). There I saw black penguins my reaction was like shocking and weird. And one of the penguins saying Turn Black and then other one RPF RPF. There I knew that CP Armies do exist, I was gonna joined RPF but I chose ACP. Thinking ACP is like RPF thinking it’s a army but different but also with a rich History; thus I joined ACP months later. I didn’t know the thing they do at the chat, there I knew it’s was like hanging out, attending events (I was Private back then and I joined Under Flipmoo’s Leadership). Unactive in Late 2013 due to some things and exam -.- in December… In June 2014 starting to be active beginning of my new way to become of them. There I sacrificed myself just to attend events until Flipmoo’s retirement I wasn’t able to attend I had jealousy because I didn’t attend xD. in August 2014 I joined Teutons while I was Corporal in ACP. I pced Earthing to join Teutons; so I joined Teutons as 6ic there I met friends. Gian (BFF), June, Flappy, Maddie, Brigade, Ash, Jessica, Roccobo, Rock(Ryan) etc. PC me if u missed me :P.

Featured image

After Teutons died I joined RPF as 3ic because I was 3ic in Teutons(they merged). They changed the ranking system I am 6ic (Colonel), here marking of beginning me of helping RPF rise. Not so long I also retired to RPF as 6ic due to responsibilities here.

There you have it some info about me… This is it 😛

Rockstar, ACP 3ic (Filipino Pride)

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AUSIA Reclamation of Breeze

Greetings ACP!

The AUSIA logged on to reclaim our historical capital, Breeze. It was a success and we maxed 16, averaging 14. 3 medals if you came!! Here’s the results:

rock on

acp forever

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