[UK] Invasion of Sardine. Yum.

you’re finally ours!


Hey ACP, Purp here! Today, we successfully invaded Sardine from LT. Turns out during the battle, LT went on but stayed at the Ice Berg the whole time- barely even reaching our sizes. They didn’t even attack us when we were at the town and forts!  Water also claimed victory and the troops didn’t agree. Okay. We hit sizes of around 10-12 on CP with pretty decent tactics. 3 medals if you came, fine job and welcome to all the troops who have recently joined!

25 mins after the event starts, LT come… time to chant stuff!

let’s give them something else to laugh about apart from themselves….


9 Responses

  1. I came! 😀

  2. The last picture… lmao…

  3. I came!

  4. slime, can you meet on acp chat one day? i restarted my old army, but i want them to live at peace with acp

  5. who keeps viewing this posttttt


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