LT’s usage of bots

Greetings, ACP and the army community.

Today we have discovered the usage of bots by the LT soldiers and leaders to give them the upper hand. Thus, I’m putting forward a full written report about LT’s usage of bots to attack the chat during events and possibly multilogging during events.

Firstly, during the defence of Mammoth, ACP underwent huge attacks from bots that were flooding the chat with PCs and PMs that caused severe disruption to the leadership of the event. We initially assumed that this was a troll played out by a random prankster, for I had personally received bot attacks earlier. However, we eventually gathered enough evidence to prove that LT are using bots to emerge victorious during battles.

bots 1

Bots 2

Above displays how the bot attacks were carried out. Orders could not be issued for these bots were constantly flooding and spamming the chat. Initially, we believed that this was the work of a prankster who was messing around with random chats, however, we eventually discovered that Waterkid was leading these bot attacks, as evidenced in the images below.

Bots 3

The text above Waterkid’s messages have been cut off accidentally, however, look closely and they read ‘I think LT are raiding ACP chat with bots.’ which Waterkid then replies with a taunt, asking me if ACP are enjoying the attacks, suggesting that Waterkid, or someone within the ranks of LT, was using bots to attack ACP and make it impossible for them to command the event, and Waterkid had authorised usage of bots. I managed to find Waterkid using friends list hanging around on a bot programming chat called during the event, and the bots attacked whenever he was on that chat.

Bots 4

Above shows Waterkid having a, uh, nice time on the Coding chat, presumably programming these bots.

Although we have not yet gathered picture or video proof that bots/multilogs are being used on Club Penguin at LT’s battles, we’ve got some reports and suggestions that LT are botting or multilogging during Club Penguin too. Firstly, it’s convenient that, a few days prior to the bot attacks, the LT leadership decided to switch the uniform to a mining helmet, such an item being one of the most common items in Club Penguin. It’s highly likely that this uniform is being used to cloak multilogging or botting, making real penguins indistinguishable from bots and making it much more difficult to prove the usage of multilogging on Club Penguin. Furthermore, although we do not have picture evidence of this as of yet, the ACP leadership has received reports that many of the LT soldiers on CP have exactly ONE stamp in the stamp book, which may suggest that some are cloned penguins and multiloggers. However, we still need to gather more evidence for this.

This matter will be discussed with the ACP leadership. If we come to a conclusion, and acquire more evidence against LT, we will agree that LT’s invasions are invalid and will proceed to ignore them. Stay tuned to listen to what the decision and verdict will be.

14 Responses

  1. Dun dun dunnnn *eats popcorn*

  2. The plot thickens…

  3. the desperation to make LT look bad is real

  4. (Chew)

  5. *tells CPAC*

  6. It’s sad to see LT taking CP armies so seriously.

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