Exam Coming

Hey ACP,

I just wanted to tell you guys that my school exams are coming up nextweek. I got gonna tell that I’ll be leaving in just 3 days Wednesday to Friday. Don’t worry I’ll return Friday as I promise… Despite of school projects, besides that Christmas Break is coming in just weeks.  So I’ll return Friday(after exams) like I said.

Owners: Like me, keep updated to any situations here

Mods: Stay motivated, recruit, have fun

Members: Keep it up guys don’t give up

Others: Well, have fun at chat anyways 😛

Always be responsible, Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

This is Rockstar1819, ACP 3ic (Filipino Pride)

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Ausia War Training

Hello Acp!

Today we logged into Breeze for a war training session! It was pretty good considering our tactics were great and we maxed 20 and averaged 18! Well done Ausia! 3 medals if you came. Here’s the results:

super bad


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Ahmed’s Amazing ACP Guide #7: How to make a perfect formation

Yes, this post is out two days early, I was sick most of this week, which gave me time to make this. This post is How to make a perfect formation!

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