Ahmed’s Amazing ACP Guide #7: How to make a perfect formation

Yes, this post is out two days early, I was sick most of this week, which gave me time to make this. This post is How to make a perfect formation!

Let’s start of with the Look & Compare column.

Look & Compare

The first picture is the picture of a bad formation. So, this pic is an event from September.

The formation isn’t good. It is too spread out/gappy, which isn’t good. There are also around 3 bunches in it, which is even worse. Now in the next picture, it is a formation, from the SAME event! Sorry about that shade, I just love it.

Apart from Splashy, this formation is PERFECT!  There is nothing wrong with it, it is evenly spread out, no bunched and it is straight, and a fabulous tactic to make it even better! That’s all, I also might start posting these twice a week because I like making them.

Army of Club Penguin [ACP]: let us know what you're thinking!

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