AUSIA Invasion of Ice Rink

Greetings ACP!

Tonight the AUSIA invaded Ice Rink at ultra-early times! It was a success, defeating the no-show LT. We maxed 23 and averaged 20-21. We’re gonna win this war, easily… LT had like 5 on chat at this time, 2 being ACP LOL, while we had 30+ on chat. The server was a safe chat, btw! Nice work LT, you’re doing great!!!11!! lol jokes. Here’s the results:



ef booomb

e2 ez


woo hoo



ACP Commander in Chief

14 Responses

  1. Came!

  2. Came lolololol

  3. i cam

  4. I came 😀

  5. i came!

  6. I camezies!

  7. i came

  8. I came

  9. came

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