AUSIA Invasion Of Jack Frost [Success]

Hey ACP,

Today, we logged in to Jack Frost,we had a great event today. Good for starting of AUSIA rising again; Thnx Flip for helping, UTCP Helped too.. Well we Average 18 and Maxing 20 in this event today.

Here’s the insights or I’ll say results:



Not helping guys -.-

Not helping guys -.-

wb fleheh boom


Comment if you came… Oh, 3 Medals too

Rockstar1819, ACP 3ic (Flipino Pride)

23ruv82 (1)

11 Responses

  1. haha! nice post. I camezies

  2. I camezies!

  3. Cameee

  4. i camezies sorry xD

  5. I came

  6. Came (only few minutes) -.-

  7. Flipino Prde for Flip!

  8. I came.

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