My Retirement — Jacknat02

Hello, I am retiring. I remember way back in the day some leader made a one word edgy retirement post; I forget whom it was. I was all like, “what a dumb-a$$!”, and vowed I’d never do that. I then looked at the very lengthy memento posts thanking all the friends for everything. I don’t think anything is inherently wrong with those, besides being rather egocentric. I would make one of those, but I am way  too lazy for hard work.

I’d like to thank ACP for providing me with an experience that broke the ice of a rather stagnant(but fun!), career in one army; that being the Global Defenders, of course. My advice towards ACP as a generalized whole would be to get off your asses and quit being lazy. If I can leave with any cliche thought provoking thing at all, it’d be to realize that you don’t need an overly successful career to enjoy yourself here. Don’t be an attention whore, you’ll deprive yourself of real sustenance.

I, Jacknat02, hereby retire from armies.

And here is some Led Zeppelin to leave you with because I f’ing love Led Zeppelin:

Defence of Jack Frost Results

Yo ACP, Purp here! Today at 7pm UK, we fought against LT in a very fascinating battle on Ice Box for the server Jack Frost. It went out pretty great and we both put up a good fight! We did many amazing tactics and maxed around 22-24 on CP, pretty good for the UK force! Good job everybody who came and I’d like to welcome all the new troops who came to that event 😀 3 medals if you came! Read more for my groooovy pics.

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AUSIA Invasion of Yeti – Victory

Greetings ACP!

Tonight AUSIA invaded Yeti, and were visited by a few of that scrub waterkid’s bots… We outsmarted him/those bots, which isn’t really that hard tbh. We maxed 23 and averaged 20, despite the bots actually forcing us to lag and kicking penguins off the server… Waterkid. Get a life. 3 medals if you came, here’s the results:

dont give up



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Ausia Invasion of Flurry – Victory

Hello Acp!

Today we invaded Flurry against the Light Troops who didn’t show up. We did pretty well. We averaged 17 and maxed 20! We had pretty good tactics too! Excellent job troops, and thanks to Mondo and Jai for taking wonderful pictures of the event! Well done Acp, keep this up! 3 medals if you came! Here’s the results:

e+w trees

claimed trees

We apologize for loving you! haha

We apologize for loving you (e+h)! haha

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