My Retirement — Jacknat02

Hello, I am retiring. I remember way back in the day some leader made a one word edgy retirement post; I forget whom it was. I was all like, “what a dumb-a$$!”, and vowed I’d never do that. I then looked at the very lengthy memento posts thanking all the friends for everything. I don’t think anything is inherently wrong with those, besides being rather egocentric. I would make one of those, but I am way  too lazy for hard work.

I’d like to thank ACP for providing me with an experience that broke the ice of a rather stagnant(but fun!), career in one army; that being the Global Defenders, of course. My advice towards ACP as a generalized whole would be to get off your asses and quit being lazy. If I can leave with any cliche thought provoking thing at all, it’d be to realize that you don’t need an overly successful career to enjoy yourself here. Don’t be an attention whore, you’ll deprive yourself of real sustenance.

I, Jacknat02, hereby retire from armies.

And here is some Led Zeppelin to leave you with because I f’ing love Led Zeppelin:

17 Responses

  1. But bae! ❤ 😦

  2. It’s sad to see you leave, Jack. You came up with very effective plans and ideas, and I felt as if you would be the one to lead ACP’s USA division to glory once more after everybody else retired. It’s a bummer you had to leave before those dreams came true.
    Take care buddy.

  3. dun dun dun

  4. Bye Jack, you will be surely missed in the ACP, (but not the Frogs, *wary*)jk

  5. Awww Jack, me and you had good times since AR, Golds, and ACP. You were hella funny in ACP about stuff that you did.. x’D But when you retired like this, its sad to see you go. I can’t have fun with you anymore because you’re on the retired island and l cant take you to join my army. -wary-
    Anyway man, you’re my best friend, a good one. I hope one day you’ll visit, or you will so l can talk to you. Farewell man, l might not be there same time as you if l can’t meet up with you, or if l misses you. I’ll miss you man, stay strong and never get you down.

  6. BYE JACK 😦

  7. Happy retirement, Jack! 😛

  8. Jack, u wot bruh? You were funny m8, in fact I don’t think we ever had a conversation which didn’t involve humour. Sad to see you leave bruh, yet I hope you do well in life ~

    – Star

  9. Bye Jack 😦

  10. Cya, Jack! I commented on the CPAC post but what the heck?

    Rly funny guy and great writer, you’re gonna be like a really good writer dude xD


  11. Jack, I am very sad to see you leave ACP so suddenly and so quickly. My best wishes to you in all future endeavours.

  12. Bye Jack

  13. Goodbye Green Frog. *salutes* Good times man. I remember when I joined sheeps and you took me over to the Frogs as a General! Glad I could be your friend and it saddens me that you are leaving.

  14. Who is the asshole who censored my “ass”, with two dollar signs? Is it seriously that much? You ass.

    Jkjk. Lead a great life, fellow frog. Happy retirement from me 🙂

  16. Baa bye silly frog 😀

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