This post is about recruiting and how you have to do it. This is mainly leaning towards US/UK. Are you sick of abysmal sizes on CP? Well don’t just sit there complaining! Just get recruiting. It’s simple as that! Why would you just sit there and complain, it is no use, no use at all. Continue reading

UK Recruiting (Oh we haven’t had one in ages!!!)

Hi ACP, Purp here! Today we were meant to have a war training but I switched it to a good ol’ spamming recruiting session. We went on Alaska the 3 bar and chanted away our phrases. We hit 19-21 on CP for a short time, averaged around 15-17 which is good and I expect to see some good recruiting progress during the holidays! The size didn’t matter though, we recruited and it really made my day.

Good job everyone who does this in between events you will be moulding the clay that will form the new golden generation. 😉 Two medals if you came to the members! Read more for my pictures.

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New US Owner Announcement


Hai ACP,

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The Retirement of Mrtchy

For one last time.

Greetings ACP

(I have no idea how to start this btw xD)

I originally found the Army of Club Penguin in June 2008, I was redirected from Mimo 777’s CP blog to the ACP. That was something that I am really glad happened, because had it not, I’d never have gotten here. I’d never have met the truly amazing people I have met, the bad people I have met, and the people I am yet to meet. Thank you to everyone.

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My Last Event

Greetings ACP!

Today was my last event… It was truly incredible and I am going to miss you all so much 😦  You’ve all impacted my life so much it’s truly just heart wrenching and I had tears in my eyes at the last tactic… You’re all god damned amazing and just incredible and i’m so fortunate to have led along the people I led with, to lead these amazing troops. I can’t thank everyone enough for this experience. During my last event we maxed 40. Thank you everyone who came, it means the world to me ❤

this is my sawmp

asi strong

e9 bom

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We’ll miss you Mrtchy

Hello Acp!

You were one of the best leaders we ever had, one of the most prominent Ausia leaders of all time. You succeeded in bringing up the Ausia division to the best one in the whole community. So, this is something for you in behalf of the entire Acp community to show you how much we’ll miss you ❤

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Thanks for everything Mrtchy

Hey ACP,

I am here to tell Mrtchy something. Here is it: “Thanks for being with us, we appreciate your skills to help ACP to be a great army. When there is something wrong your always there to help. Specially in events, you are a great close friend of mine and never be forgotten. As a gratittude for your hard works for the Army I give up this card as thanks for everything you done for this year all round.”

Thanks for everything and the memories. We will never forget you!

Thanks for everything and the memories. We will never forget you!

I, Rockstar1819 give this card as a great memory for the hard work and for the generations of ACP to come. You were a great leader and owner, I wish you the best of luck and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Also, good luck in real wish you the best ACP Forever:Preserve Justice, Defend Freedom! As always be...

Rockstar, ACP Commander (Filipino Pride)