New US Owner Announcement


Hai ACP,

As you can see the US division is in some desperate need right now. To solve this, me and my owner friends concluded that we will promote a new US 3ic.

We came up with 2 people who should get 3ic, however we voted on them but it was 4-4; and there was no other owner to vote – thus a tie. So a few more ideas came up. One was to put a poll on the site to see which troop was the best for 3ic, the other was to give them both temp 3ic. Both were great ideas.

So I came up with another idea: those two ideas mashed together. So we will give these two lucky mods both a week of being  temp 3ic & then we will put a poll on the site so you can vote how they have done.  You have a job in this too as you have to vote on which one did better. Whoever gets the most votes will get permanent 3ic.

And these two hard-working competitors are:


*queue big clap for them* 

Yes! Sonic Mondo, do it your best if you want 3ic. Good luck!

 This has been an announcement from the US division,


9 Responses

  1. Should put me in there even though I am retired I feel as if they are not ready and a lot of people want me as 3ic you have little options if you want the US to do good again!!!!!!

  2. Good luck you two! And haha,Noka 😛

  3. Good luck yall! 😀

  4. Go Mondo, hehe.

  5. Good luck

  6. you gave sonic owner, dear god what have you done

  7. I’m sure that ACP is saying cause well No Ausia leader and US leader

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