The Retirement of Mrtchy

For one last time.

Greetings ACP

(I have no idea how to start this btw xD)

I originally found the Army of Club Penguin in June 2008, I was redirected from Mimo 777’s CP blog to the ACP. That was something that I am really glad happened, because had it not, I’d never have gotten here. I’d never have met the truly amazing people I have met, the bad people I have met, and the people I am yet to meet. Thank you to everyone.


I joined Club Penguin in September (27th) 2007, at 2PM. I had asked my brother to name me MrItchy, but being him, called me Mrtchy. I was young at the time, so I didn’t think about making a new penguin as time was ever so valuable! So there it is, how I managed to be named Mrtchy ahahah. For the next year or two I played CP for fun, never coming across a single army in CP as there was never any “AUSIA” friendly battles that ever took place, so I literally didn’t know what they were (Also the fact there were servers for each country, and I wasn’t ever on USA servers)! Though a time came in June 8th 2008, where I stumbled across Mimo’s blog roll, and joined multiple armies listed on it! One army was led by Icicle999, another was led by a famous penguin whom I forgot their name. Then I was interested in the ACP, listed SECOND ! 

I decided instantly to join it, it must be exciting, right? An armyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Then I found my way to chat, left and never bothered to check it out until 11th April 2009. Soon after I realised that to make any of the battles I had to wake up at 5am in the morning, every time. That was pretty hard, but still was good fun. I set my alarm and woke up lots of days, my Mum often checking up on the computer room while I hid under the desk xD. I found alternatives to this, appearing extremely active and leaving the computer on over-night! This seemed to work, as I started to move up the ranks, eventually earning the title of Division General (4ic) in 2010, a great title I am proud of to this day, despite my disadvantages being an Australian (EST+12).

At the time I was also involved in the Black Bandits, an awesome army I actually eventually ended up leading after rigging *cough* a poll on the site for the upcoming leader. Black Bandits soon replaced my endeavours at the ACP, and my status at ACP crumbled, where I eventually resigned from it. From then on BB were my focus, I spent a lot of my time leading them, and getting okay sizes of about 10-20 usually, reaching first on SMAC a few times too. It is a great thing I am proud of, BB are my second home army but they have been dead since 2013, being shut down.

On the side of earning these two ranks I also created my own armies (a few dozen too, lmfao). One of the armies was known as Around the World Army of Club Penguin (ATWACP), which was created because I wanted armies to be friendly for all time zones. Though despite my reasoning for this, I never really hosted any battles at friendly times for me, actually I don’t think I held any at all at ATWACP xD. Though in 2010, I actually led an event in an army called Aqua Army (CPAA) which involved my friend and I logging in at ~6pm my time (6am est), something I recall to this date.

Among creating armies, I also had a somewhat need to join armies. I can say, to this date, I have joined probably 200 armies, 197 of them being in 2009-2011. This is ironic, how I practically despise army hoppers today haha. Something I believe every new person should do, is create their own army, it’s something that you learn a lot through. It’s almost like work experience, you learn how to manage, create, and recruit, something not many people would willingly teach you, you must learn some things yourself. Creating armies is also a huge amount of fun, you’re able to do so much!

After a while came my inactivity, soon leading to my leave from Club Penguin armies up until the 1st of January 2014. A new year, a fresh start. I came online due to bordom, and because I usually visited ACP every few months/year. I had not come on since most likely 2012, and it had come to my shock they had event times suitable for ME! It was amazing, it’s called AUSIA, something that made my eyes widen greatly. I later joined the ACP because an old friend from 2009, Flipmoo, had said AUSIA needs a new 3ic, as their current one (Splasher919) is retiring soon. This shocked me, how could I have left as highest moderator, to only join as a 3ic, 3 years later??

Though it was awesome, I still had to earn it and I worked for over a month, the other candidate being Sidie. This was refreshing for me, I had plenty of nostalgia from this great community, I learnt new and remembered old things I once used. About one month an 6 days after I joined, I got 3ic. It was a shock. I was then trained by Flipmoo to be the next AUSIA Leader, he taught me a lot of things. After receiving 3ic, ACP was under a great leadership, Sercan, Jerry and Flipmoo. The original Triumvirate. ACP were a top contender for first place at the time, getting extremely high scores on the TT, reaching huge sizes on CP and being what ACP used to be.

At around May though, ACP was confronted and exposed. The Leadership had multilogged, edited pictures etc, and had been publicly humiliated by CPAC. This was odd to me, I had never seen CPAC do such a thing before and didn’t know they started doing what they did. Following this, soon reached the end of the first Triumvirate, with Sercan and Jerry retiring from ACP. After that ACP had endured a lot, but maintained as a strong and useful army. We were involved in many wars including against LT, SWAT, UMA and probably a few others. We came out victorious. AUSIA is truly the ACP’s secret and probably most useful weapon. AUSIA has won ACP many wars, and become magnificent.

Soon after the war with LT had stopped, Flipmoo announced he’d be retiring. He retired on 26th July 2014, a sad day for ACP, and AUSIA. Without Flipmoo, ACP would have crumbled, he has done so much for ACP it’s unbelievable. He has conquered many armies, and created the greatest modern addition to armies: AUSIA. Flipmoo you are honestly amazing, and you have assisted me and taught me so much things. Thank you so much Flip <3.

Post-Flip’s retirement, I was promoted instantly to Leader. I have since led ACP AUSIA up until 20th December 2014. During my time as leader, the ACP AUSIA Division has only lost one battle, reached sizes of 30+, leaning towards 40, remained at a stable state, have the most amazing troops, owners, mods. ACP AUSIA stands as the greatest AUSIA division to ever exist. For a whole year we’ve been the most prominent and stable AUSIA army standing. We are actually the only army to have had an AUSIA division active for a year, now leaning towards two. Most other AUSIAs last a few months, occasionally reaching sizes near us, but never surpassing.


ACP Leader (2014)

BB Leader

ACP Division General (4ic, 2010)

DRACP President

ACP Legend

AUSIA – My thoughts

For me, AUSIA is the single greatest addition to this community since CP armies itself.It has allowed people like myself to be able to lead similar to the USA and UK divisions without restrictions due to time zones. It has led to an increasingly number of new people be able to experience armies. it is just a flawless, fantastic addition to this wonderful community.

asi strong

ACP – The Future

ACP is known for being one of the top competitors in armies, which we will continue to be for a long time. The AUSIA division will remain as the greatest in CPA history. We have a great set of minds behind us, together forming the ACP Leadership. ACP is on the path to victory as always. No matter what anyone throws at ACP, we will always come out on top.

Star and Rockstar will be accompanied by temp 3ics over the next few weeks, and we’ll determine who’s the best for the position. Star and Rockstar will take over the AUSIA division, and will do a damned great job! If anyone needs any help contact me on Kik – “Mrtchy” is my username.

I will most likely never return to armies unless ACP is in deep need, and i’ll help ACP out during holidays as often as possible. Nonetheless ACP is in safe hands.

Random things

By entering this community you realise not all Water is good, nor Kids.

Albaro Lord, I actually got burnt the other night, but didn’t crash! :c

Why are all retirements so cliche?

Though it may appear I like autotyping, I think it’s really bad that we rely on it, but it’s something we need at this moment in armies.

Why does everyone take being legend as though it’s the most important thing in the world?? I think it’s better you’re remembered better by the people you’re associated with during your time in armies.

Why is it so hard to find a PB for AUSIA?!?!

Why does Waterkid think ACP is LT’s nemesis? They just think they can compete with us, but lose every war they’ve fought against us, even when their sizes outmatch ours 3:2.

Why does everyone act as though AUSIA is bad? I can’t help it I live in another time zone as the majority of people!

Why do people always army hop? If they just stuck with one army, they’d appear more succesful and be more fulfilled had they just stayed in one army.

Why is it we can get 50 join applications, but no one stays in the army? #LeaderProblems


Maxing 35 on a 1 bar, on AUSIA. That was fabulous!

Maxing 41 on AUSIA

Maxing 33 against IW AUSIA

Maxing 29 against GT AUSIA

Maxing 33 at a training

My last event, maxing 40.

this is my sawmp

Conclusively, I think i’ve done pretty good 🙂


This is obviously a list dedicated to my companions, soldiers and everyone basically. I am terribly sorry if I miss anyone, there’s a humungous list here. (Ctrl/Command+F your name)

Flipmoo: Thank you for everything! If you hadn’t offered me this opportunity I have no idea where i’d be… You taught me how to lead, and the ways of Flipmoo~~ Thanks to you i’ve kept AUSIA/ACP a top competitor. You offered help at anything I ask, and you’ve done so much I can’t even thank you enough.. 🙂 Without you I doubt AUSIA would even be at the place it is, you’ve had such an impact on this community, and I wouldn’t have led at all, I can’t thank you enough.

thanks flip

Johny 4: Though you probably won’t see this for a while, if not, ever. You were my best friend in armies last time, and you were a fantastic person, I remember a few things about you too! Hope your band is really good hehe.

Chrisi Blule: I wasn’t able to watch your Nachos leadership, but you led BB with me and were just a fantastic person. I’m glad I can still talk to you every now and then 😉

Klimster: Great leader, I used to look up to you so much in BB, even when I cheated that Leader poll lmao. We played Xbox a few times and that was pretty funny, i’m glad you got BB site back as everyone put a lot of effort into it. Play Xbox sometime? xD

Slime: SCHLIME! An extraordinary person too! You are like the youngest ACP leader ever, you have weirdly good ideas xD I’m glad to have led beside you!

Mike: Despite our.. eh differences? You were a decent leader when I saw it, and I wish you the best of luck in DW.

Star: Starfeesh, you’re a cool chick, despite watching anime… *sigh* xD You’re a fantastic person and I wish you and Rockstar (and someone else???!)the best with AUSIA! You’ll be great 😛 If you ever need help all you need to do is ask.

Ahmed: You’re such a refreshing person, you’re young and provide ACP with just awesomeness. Best of luck, you’re going to be an extraordinary leader when it comes to it!

Lauren: WICKED WICKZ!!11 OMG (jks) You have a (rainbow)dash-ing set of ponylike qualities but you watch it too much :@ You’re gonna be great Lauren, keep AUSIA fantastic! Sorry about demoting you, it is just as much my fault as yours.

Dj: Didn’t know you too well, you’re funny in a certain way, and a nice person.

Jack: Jack, despite me raging at you a few times you’re a good person, hopefully you understand why i raged *wary*. Good luck with le frogs

Sercan: Good UK leader, good work in GT, I must say!

Dw: Dw!!!! Such a great person! We had that little Kik session that I remember a while back where we were like crying (me anyway) :’) You were a fantastic companion, wish you the best. Glad I was able to lead with you beside me, giving me alternative perspectives on everything!

Splasher: Probably the most inap person alive xD You were a decent leader at the glimpse I saw! Wish you the best!

Maxy777: You’re extremely loyal to ACP. Despite that standing, you mustn’t be quick to leave ACP just to return. Just stay in ACP and be loyal as you have been. Be sure to be friendly to new troops as welllllllllllllllll!

Katerina: KATERINA QUUUEEE TEEEE such a fantastic person, it’s sad you had to leave earlier, but we all must leave at one point! Good luck with everything.

Amax: Amax, you probably won’t see this, but you were a great troop and mod! I miss you a lot. 😦

Rockstar: Incredible mod, owner and I can see you’re going to be an awesome 3ic (already proven). Help Star & ACP out, Rock! Rock on 😉

Daisy: Went a bit inactive, but good, loyal troop ❤

Jai: Extremely great troop! A part of the new AUSIA, really glad you joined, you have a bright future.

Penguin1973: My Philippine friend! Penguin you are a cool guy, wish you the best.

Waddler: Waddler, i’m glad I kidnapped you *evil*, you are very loyal and a great troop. A part of the new AUSIA, all the best.

Snake: I remember you from a long time ago (early 2014 lel), smart, funny and loyal troop. I wish you could’ve stayed in ACP though 😦 All the best

Rockman: I remember recruiting you into ACP, fantastic person! Wish you the best.

Will: WILL! You have a great mind, you’re a really funny person xD  I’m glad to have met you, have a great life, whatever is ahead of you!

Earthing: A strong person, underrated leader, one of the AUSIA greats!

Harsh: Cool guy, helped ACP a lot, all the best!

Funks: Great UK leader, led IW when I led  ACP =O

Boomer: Good advisor, leader.

Super: HOLLY!! (jks) Funny guy, best of luck in hockey! xD

Vivek: A very good AUSIA leader, sadly I never got to battle your GT AUSIA, something I regret.

Viv: cool gal

Awesome: Ahmed’s awesome bro! 😀 best of luck

Sidie: Cool guy, only person I know that lives in the same state as me in armies xD.

Rix: Rxi, the guy that can’t spell my name right.. Dem skype calls tho

Roboo: You never really knew what ACP was lmao, glad you got into ACP more recently!

Mchappy: A truly great leader! When you were temp you just had this feeling that made ACP feel awesome, no wonder you managed to get USA to get great sizes in just a few days.

Free Dude: An incredible and un-doubtfully exciting troop! I’m glad you joined ACP months ago, you’re an inspiration and I look up to you. Just try stop flipping xD. You’re gonna get really far, Free, I know it!

Abhi: Another great troop. Much deserved troop of the month. You’re gonna make it into the ownership of AUSIA one day, I think it’s going to be soon!

Pham: A dedicated mod, troop and person. Despite you being hesitant to join ACP at first, i’m glad I got you to join! Stay in ACP, Pham 😀

 Parting Words to this Community

Club Penguin Armies. Just a great thing in my life, in your’s and everyone who has ever come across it. Despite most of us acknowledging only the bad of armies, there is good, and plenty of it. You’re going to look back on these lessons and experiences you had, and be glad you had them. No matter what you think, you hate or love armies. You are still here, because somewhere deep down you still enjoy it.

Armies aren’t getting worse, we just think that they are. It happens with every community in existence. They fear over their death, and fear they’re just getting worse and worse, morally and fun-wise. But being apart of AUSIA showed me fresh minds, and people experiencing what I very well experienced many years ago, fun. It may not be the greatest thing for older people, but for the newer people, it’s the greatest thing in the world, so give them a shot. 

 I am incredibly proud of the troops, owners and advisors of ACP. You have all done so much for me, I will never forget this beautiful thing known as the Army of Club Penguin.


A Leader of Men Penguins.

*Curtains closed*

31 Responses

  1. thanks everyone ❤

    • I did eventually see this, Mrtchy. I’m really grateful for being able to talk to you on chat for what was probably one last time. Thank you for being one of my best friends in this community, I remember we met in The Egyptians (or something like that) and our friendship grew from there. It’s my pleasure to have shared so many good times with you in BB and ACP. Bye, old friend.

      P.S: Thanks for not forgetting about me in your retirement post like I did back in 2011. I’m really really really sorry for that. 😦

  2. Good luck with everything ❤

  3. he’s gone no longer banning me for stupid silly things

  4. I’m gonna miss you buddy. I’m almost in tears as I’m reading this, seriously. Good luck in life and your studies. May the force, be with you.


  6. Gonna miss you budd love you good luck in your life ❤

  7. thank you so much mrtchy for evry thing!

  8. Bye Mrtchy 😦

  9. I will miss you so much 😥 ❤ . I will never forget you, you are probably one of the best if not the best leader I ever met, you've got it all, fun, seriousness!

  10. Thank you for everything, Mrtchy.
    I am glad that it was you who became a 3iC in a time of need and eventually became the leader of ACP’s AUSIA division.
    AUSIA under your leadership had not deteriorated at all, and as a matter of fact, it had grown larger with a more variety of troops joining every day. This division was able to carry on because of your fantastic recruiting and leading abilities, and for that I thank you from the deepest of my heart.
    I am sorry for not being able to attend your retirement event, and it is now one of my biggest regrets of all time.
    I wish you luck in whatever you do, and once again, thanks for making the AUSIA division as it is today.
    Your legacy moves on as mine did, and you’ve contributed more than enough to pass on to the newer generation.

    Farewell Mrtchy, and take care.

  11. Mrtchy ❤ you've been a great teacher one of the best leaders so far and I don't know how to thank you for all that you've done for me. 😥 😦 😥 😥 I'll miss you so much. <33333
    Also, criii I wanted to make you watch anime before you retired. Oh well. Thanks for everything Mrtchy.


  12. Bye Mrtchy, I may not have liked you that much, but at least you made the AUSIA division proud. See ya soon!

  13. Bye Mrtchy 😦 ❤

  14. Bai Mrtchy, even tho we had a few fights ur still a gud leader. thanks Mrtchy c;

  15. Happy Retirement 😛

  16. For the last time my friend, I salute you, and I know you wouldn’t ever really crash, but be sure to put some ice on that burn 😀

  17. Going too miss ya.
    Never gonna forget those few times we trolled Gordon Edwards ;v;

  18. 😦 *salutes*

  19. Aw thanks for the random post mentioning me. I feel loved. 😛
    But yeah I wish you all the best in whatever you do next in your future, Mrtchy. Hope you still want to visit us on Xat when you can. 🙂

  20. Darn, stop posting things that make me cry I’m not even in your army

  21. Thanks Mrtchy, for everything. It was amazing leading Ausia with you, even though you had to put up with all the s**t I caused on chat. You, like Flip and Ken, had helped me a lot during the time I was here, and I’m really grateful for that.
    So yea, good luck Mrtchy, thanks for all the memories that I will never forget.

  22. Mrtchy, never thought you were going to leave 😥 at least not this soon
    Lol, I’ll never forget those events where ACP was just sitting innocently and saying random things while RPF had its event xD
    We’ll miss you ❤
    Happy Retirement Mrtchy. *salutes*

  23. Then why you’re commenting lmao

  24. @sssssssssssssssssss

  25. Mrtchy, I’m so gonna kill you for calling me Holly… Thanks for supporting me when I came back into ACP and also for all those laughs we have both shared about your kik pictures and such stuff.

  26. Love you Mrtchy, thank you for everything you’ve done with BB, and well done with ACP ❤ ❤ < 3

  27. ……..




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