Ulead.. wait, no, nevermind that.. ANOTHER WAR!

*insert calm music with birds tweeting and stuff here*

ooh, what a wonderful day! As if you didn’t know, we ended the LT war and we’re back to training and recruiting! Tonight we had a happy-schmappy UK Ulead that unexpectedly turned into a..

*insert evil music here with the dun dun dunns*

police siren photo: post police siren.gif

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Flipmoo’s Response to the Nachos Declaration of War

Greetings, ACP. It’s been a while since I last posted on here, but enough with the nostalgic introduction.

I’m here to respond to the Nacho’s sudden and irrational declaration of war.

More than a year ago, the Nachos surrendered towards the ACP after losing a war they brought to themselves by declaring war on us. Our former leader, Casiusbrutus, had given the Nachos harsh terms upon surrendering, which upset the Nachos and a few of the ACP troops. A couple days later upon the coup d’etat of Casiusbrutus and myself taking the role of ACP leader, I rewrote the treaty that Cas had forced upon the Nachos and made it much more flexible and softer. I did this in hope of ending the hate between us once and for all, and it was kept that way until today.

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 2.21.03 PM

In this post, ChrisiBlule THANKED us for changing the treaty, and I believed that we had finally approached a time of harmony between both armies.

Even after the Nachos demanded the server White House back, we returned the server to them a few months later despite the fact that we were considering making the server our new capital.

Did this not mean anything to the Nachos? Is this what we get in return?

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 2.25.50 PM

I ask the Nachos to reconsider their declaration of war, and to withdraw if you still have a sense of rationality and humanity in you. 

If you do decide to continue on with the war, then so be it. That’s ultimately your choice, but you WILL regret it.

I made the treaty go easy on you guys, but if you decide NOT TO END THE WAR then I will take full responsibility for allowing such a situation to occur, and WILL RETURN TO THE ACP TO LEAD THE AUSIA DIVISION just for the war against the Nachos.

That is all.

Gєηєяaℓιѕѕιмσ Flιρᴍσσ (ᎦᏟᎻᏁᎬᏐᏃᎬᏞ)

Retired ACP Leader

AUSIA/UK Training

Hey ACP,

Today we logged into Breeze for some training. With the help of some our UK Friends, thanks you guys! We Average 12-13 while maxing 15 which is good. Well done troops and keep it up even if size is small we put a good event push through.

Here the result:


Only the pic I have *wary*

2 medals if u came. Don’t forget to comment 😛
-Rockstar, ACP AUSIA 3ic (Filipino Pride)

Suggestions for Funny things of the Week (Starting SOON, Sunday)

Hey ACP, I am starting to post funny things of the week for ACP. Well, I can’t decide which I can put on to post. So I need your suggestions, it could be the following: A.) Comics B.) Funny Questions C.) Funny Pics D.) Meme E.) Others Suggestion: (Fill the form below for any of the following) 1. Name: 2. Which do you think is the best for the post? 3. Any other ideas beside the others? Good luck and wish you the best! -Rockstar, ACP Ausia 3ic (Filipino Pride)