[US Division] Defense of White House

Today was the first battle between the US divisions of us and the Nachos on the server White House. The Nachos decided to invade a server they already owned, so we defended it for them(?). I’m proud to say that ACP’s US division is showing a miraculous recovery from the previous weeks and maxed 20, averaging 17 the entire battle. It was a hard fought battle, but in the end our superior size and tactics gave us the victory! This event was led by myself leading the first 20 minutes and Flipmoo, Fluffy and myself leading the second half.

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[Ausia] Raid Of Fjord [RESULTS]

Today, we decided to raid the Nachos for the war. We raided one of their most valuable servers, Fjord! We succeeded. Today, we set our goal to 15+, and we went ahead of 15, which is great! We maxed 20 and averaged 18. Members get 3 medals, and mods get 3 moderator points if you attended. In the end since they logged off, we had a u-lead! Now on with the pics!

Are you joking me. Jokes, jokes and more jokes from the Nachos

Comment if you came ~ Ahmed (ACP 2ic)

Need Allies?

Wow, nachos.

Too mouldy for us?