[US Division] Defense of White House

Today was the first battle between the US divisions of us and the Nachos on the server White House. The Nachos decided to invade a server they already owned, so we defended it for them(?). I’m proud to say that ACP’s US division is showing a miraculous recovery from the previous weeks and maxed 20, averaging 17 the entire battle. It was a hard fought battle, but in the end our superior size and tactics gave us the victory! This event was led by myself leading the first 20 minutes and Flipmoo, Fluffy and myself leading the second half.

  <- The Nacho “surrender”

In the beginning we started with a horizontal line in the town and pre-battle we had sizes of about 10. The Nachos bombed us about 6 minutes before the invasion officially started and formed a line.

We continued tactics here for about 15 minutes until :10 after

The Nachos retreated to the berg and we followed them there, starting off with a bomb.

We had a very impressive reverse L formation and I believe if you count closely enough in the center that we do have 20 troops online in this picture.

After this the Nachos moved once more to the stadium for 15 minutes and we followed with an anger bomb. After a tense 15 minutes the Nachos eventually logged off and admitted defeat, even though they get to keep the server since they already owned it (lol).

Overall a great first battle for the US division. Keep it up ACP and let’s win this war!


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  1. Came 😛


  3. came

  4. 2nd lmao *wary*

  5. So proud of you guys :’)

  6. Came

  7. Came.

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