A History Lesson: Reply to Camperjohn’s Fatuous Comments

Bonjour again, ACP. 

Nacho leader Camperjohn decided to make a post on their site claiming how the Nacho/DW treaty did not apply, and how this war was intended to be “fun”. They also had the effrontery to call our actions unfair, despite what they had done to us for all these years. 😆 Before I go on any further, take a look at these incidents:

#1 – Nachos try to frame Mchappy for hacking their chat (which they did themselves) to try to win a war


“As you can see, everything has begun to fall apart for the Nachos. An anonymous Nacho has confirmed that this was all an elaborate plan to frame the ACP and win the war. He also says that Dash gave him the password to hack the Nachos chat.”

#2 – Nachos hide an invasion of Mammoth as invisible text in a post about ponies


#3 – Nachos fake a picture of Kingfunks4 suggesting he would be doxing someone to try to turn everyone against ACP in a war

#4 – Nachos fake a picture of Elmikey admitting to multilogging to try to win a war



Camperjohn asks for a “fair” war when they declared war on us while we were already at war with the Light Troops. They also forced everyone ACP ally (IW, DW, and WV) into crippling treaties to make sure that ACP would be outnumbered 2 to 1 in this war they are now complaining isn’t “fair”. This was an intentionally rigged war. If anything, the playing field has been leveled by giving IW and DW a legitimate opportunity to contribute. If you can’t win a war without hiding behind treaties in the first place, what does that say about you? You attempted to designed a war that would do nothing but hurt the community by restricting the ability of half the armies in it from participating. Not only is this cowardly, it is also selfish. This is a game after all. Let everyone play.


The Nacho leadership also claims that the DW/Nacho treaty was not violated because the Nachos did not assist any of DW’s enemies.

“Above is the exact Non A[g]gression Pact that Beeky agreed to with Toysoldier. If you read the above carefully, ONLY ASSISTING OTHER ARMIES in invasions or defences will result in consequences. Not to mention, the server ACP claimed we invaded from DW,Ice Age still remained on their page through the duration of the event and before it.Ice Age remaining on their server page makes any of the claims that we broke the treaty INVALID.”

1. The Nachos invaded a part of the Dark Warrior’s nation, who happen to be at war against the Light Troops. The Light Troops and Nachos had planned this war against the ACP beforehand, and by invading Ice Age (a part of DW’s nation), they aided the Light Troops in invading the DW empire. Hence, the treaty was violated. Look at it from the Dark Warrior’s perspective. They’re fighting against the Light Troops, and all of a sudden the Nachos invade their territory. In other words, the Nachos invaded their own server while they were at war with the Light Troops. That’s considered as assisting the Light Troops in war.

2. The Nachos invaded Ice Age (DW), and Mammoth (IW) on December 23rd, 2014 at 3:00 PM EST ~ 3:30 PM EST. The picture on your post was taken at 3:40 PM EST. The Dark Warriors transferred all of our servers back including the ones gained from the Nacho Empire right when we confirmed that the Nachos had logged on Dark Warriors territory.

From the DRACP page:

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 12.30.42 PM


“December 23rd, 2014: Due to the Nachos ~ Shiver & Cloudy” <– This section was added to the page right after the defence took place. (Before you guys took this picture) You did not scroll down enough to see this content, and once again, that is not our fault.

We also did not take the time to remove the servers from our nations page because it was temporary, and since we had already given a notice of the transaction on a stickied post on the ACP site. 

With that being said, our statements still stand.

Oh, and by the way,

Merry Christmas

Gєηєяaℓιѕѕιмσ Flιρᴍσσ (ᎦᏟᎻᏁᎬᏐᏃᎬᏞ)

Retired ACP Leader

45 Responses

  1. Again Flip, you have absolutely NO proof that we planned this war out with LT. WE however, have proof of DW assisting in the defense of your nation.

  2. I don’t see why all these politics need to be involved. Why don’t you guys just fight 1 on 1? You’re both cliaming that the other is looking for escape routes out of this, so why don’t you just fight each other? Dear God..

  3. Really confused how those previous incidents have anything to do with the matter at hand…

  4. Nachos gettin rekt

  5. So we won the war?! Sweet!!

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