[AUSIA/UK] Cleansing of Cabin Results

Hey ACP, Purp here! We logged on Cabin today at 8pm JST for a good ol’ cleansing and we did quite okay. We maxed 15 on CP with decent tactics! Many troops lost connection and had to go during event though so that was probably the reason.

Sadly, it was Izun (an ACP mod)’s last event, so I ownered him and he did a couple of tactics too. Bye Izun, you’ll be missed!

Two medals if you came, thank you Ahmed and Abhi for the pics! COMMENT IF YOU CAME AS PROMOTIONS ARE SOON…


Comment if you came! ~Purp



8 Responses

  1. comezies.

  2. Came towards the end as I was asleep

  3. I’m sorry. Will u all forgive me

  4. I camezies! Speaking of promos, YAY!

  5. I came

  6. Came for the beginning.

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