New Chat Rules!

Hey hey ACP! Happy St. Stephen’s Day/Boxing Day! Today, as of December 26th, the ACP Commandments have updated the chat rules. In the green thing on the bottom of the chat-box, it is not updated just yet, there is going to be a new rule added, the others are just different punishments. Let’s start of this leadership with a BANG!

Rule 1 stays the same, except the Flip emote, which is a kick then a 1 hour ban

Rule 2, it will stay the same, but if there is any inappropriate doodles, warn, if abused again, ban for 1 hour.

Rule 3, New troops seem to be interested in smileys, so a verbal warning first, then a kick, then a half hour ban.

Rule 4, Scam sites/Screamers would be a 48 hour ban, if you are a mod and no owners are here, a 6 hour ban will do. If an army is advertised, an instant one hour ban, if continue over and over, forever ban.

Rule 5, It will stay the same.

Rule 6, It will stay the same.

Rule 7, If anyone asks, tell them how to get mod, or be active, etc. If they keep demanding, a kick, then if they carry on demanding, a warning for a ban, and if they demand again, a 1 hour ban

Rule 8, A kick, then a 6 hour ban

Rule 9, Anyone that talks Anti-ACP is to be guested


Rule 10, anyone that uses the censor glitch first gets a warning, if continued, then 2 kicks, If still continued, ban for half an hour

These are the new punishments and the 10th rule. Please don’t break them, and mods/owners, enforce the rules!

16 Responses

  1. Have you updated the actual chat rules yet?

  2. And I would like Rule 8 revised, specifically to be more detailed. Can we add no inflammatory content, obvious trolls, arguments about very sensitive topics (namely religion)?

  3. it’s the most st00pid rule ever


  5. Rock so shush @Rockman

  6. Can we have some definitions of ‘anti acp’ and ‘inapp’ so mods and owners know what they are enforcing?

    Also I’m slightly concerned why punishment time for asking for personal info has been decreased to 6 hrs down from 24 hr one.

    • Well, for a long time, I have never seen any personal information sent out because the kids on the chat have the slightest maturity to not spread out their phone numbers and emails on main, so I think we can rest assured about that.

      I agree with you on your first part of your comment, though. It’s a very generalized topic, but this update can give us the chance to revise and add more rules as more problems arise in the chat.

  7. Just realised I forgot about this a while ago. Can we please add another rule about impersonation of other troops/xat users, and maybe even faking kicking/banning people (fake messages, copying the layout of a announcement in chat when users are banned and replacing it with details [e.g. ____ has been banned in the chat for 12 hours. Reason: _____ ] )? Finding it a little more than annoying when this happens.

    • *sigh* another thing that should be settled. Is “asshole” a swear or not? The mods and owners have been raging more and more about this phenomenon.

  8. I agree with these rules, and the 10th one was a good idea.

  9. Rule 10 is really stupid please get rid of it.

  10. Rule 9 is a communist rule. You hate freedom don’t you.

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