Commenting on the site + Slime’s new computer problems

Hello ACP, Purp here! I’m posting on my groovy new computer- a windows 8. It’s about time. This means I’ll overheat less. You know those times when I don’t speak on chat for like 10 minutes then leave? That’s my computer overheating. Now you know, huh.

Well as I have  new computer, I do not know where to find Microsoft Word to make my groovy graphics which I always make for posts also I tried downloading Lightshot but it doesn’t work on this kind of computer. Also I have this weird layout quite like a Nokia Lumia’s for an alternative desktop – no thanks. Fantastic, now my posts wont have that extra purple-slimey p’zazz. Time to do it the old fashioned way – Ctrl F, copy on paint, save, upload on tinypic… uhh here you go:

OH YEAH! If you guys know, that’s the funnest font that Microsoft word has – it’s called ‘Jokerman’. I haven’t downloaded any good ol’ fonts that I normally use yet. Oh,this is so irritating!

But look, read more of this post as this is vital if you want to be promoted.

Commenting on the site used to be important but looks like it’s long forgotten to me. Back then when we’d have, well, you know… 50+ on CP, I’d see like 40-50 comments on the results post all saying ”I came” but now, where we normally have 15-20, I only see 3-10 comments saying ”I came”. C’mon! I’m not sure why it was so significant to comment if you came to an event, but I think I know now – here it is for you guys:

Promotions. I know as a leader that some of you owners don’t edit promotions and some of you owners know many active troops who should be promoted. I promote them sometimes. BUT HOW DO I KNOW? Also if I’ve seen an active troop on chat that no one really knows who hasn’t been promoted, I sometimes promote them. Sometimes I don’t. But why?  Plus, normally I am stuck with choosing who I should promote for 4ic or mod, but I manage to choose. HOW?! Well this all connects with commenting on the site –

On the wordpress dashboard there is a comments section that shows all the recent comments on the site. If I can’t decide whether to promote someone, then there is a search bar on the top of the comments page where I can search the soldier’s name. When I do that, I am able to see all the comments that soldier has commented: including their comments on the event posts stating if they came or not. I can count and see how many events they attended, so if they came to a good amount then they’re promoted!

Hey, I wish I could use pictures to demonstrate this but lightshot doesn’t work. Nor does doing that CTRL+F method. Now I use groovy colours to make this post interesting!

Ok, that’s enough from me today. If you haven’t commented on the event posts yet, then go for it now! See you later, ~Purp

17 Responses

  1. Nice post

  2. Awwwh man I gonna expect something to learn with. Oh well 😦

  3. Wow; I had NO idea that your computer overheated! That does explain your sudden disappearances. Glad to know they won’t happen! : )

  4. much color.

    hehe, on a serious note, that’s an interesting bunch of problems. google should probably help you out.

  5. o ok i understand. My pc overheats too :3

  6. So sad, but hey, I taught you how to use lightshot since we have the same laptop!

  7. Um to get word you er kind of have to pay £95 to get a code where you can get word… if you have one go to office tile, click activate, then use the product key thingy then follow the stupid stuff it tells you to do….

  8. Part of me is starting to question the legitimacy of slimes ‘laptop problems’ They started at the end of summer and still seem to be happening now ..

    • Nonono I’m not saying I still overheat xD my computer has overheated a bit during 2013 but in 2014 it started to worsen, unfortunately at the wrong time. I mentioned I have a new computer so I won’t be overheating anymore! About my new computer problems, it was kind of an exaggerated title (wary) Nothing significant that will effect me and the army, really, lol

  9. 8 huh? I got it lmao ._.

  10. I got it since i bought my laptop so long ago .-.

  11. The post is great and the colors are great 2 i will try 2 comment more sorry

  12. Nice colors and fonts

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