Our Next USA 3ic- The Election Begins!

Hey, Purp here! Fluffy is busy right now so I am going to post this.

Let’s get this started

Prepare yourselves, people. It is time to VOTE for your next USA 3ic. Yes, chosen by you all! Who shall it be? The people who are up against each other for this election are indeed…


These two awesome people have been a temporary owner on chat for about a week now to show you guys how they roll as a 3ic. Only one can make it out alive…


Now lets vote away! All you guys got to do is fill in this form and comment it (including the answers,duh) on this post:





Here’s an example comment:

Name: Purpleslime4

Rank: ACP Leader

Vote: I vote *mmmmph*

Why? Because *mmmmmph*



Good luck to Sonic & King Mondo! ~Purpleslime & Fluffyboy

21 Responses

  1. name:gtfive
    rank: colonel
    why:i knew this guy a longer time,he is funny, he is really nice

  2. Name: Alexandrovna
    Rank: Corporal (so my opinion probably doesn’t count…)
    Vote: King Mondo
    Why: Sonic gives up easily; i.e, there was an event today against the Nachos, what few people that were on ACP chat went on club penguin, and because such few people logged on, Sonic said to log off and that was that. I know King Mondo won’t do that…

    • Sorry, that is not true.

      • lol you are correct, so sorry! D: But what I meant is that I think we need someone more experienced. You don’t really work well under stress as I have noticed being on chat for a while… sorry for the bad explanation… lol

  3. Name: Free Dude 15
    Rank: Major
    Vote: King Mondo
    Why: Sonic is good but I think I deserve King Mondo as 3ic better.

  4. Name:Rockstar1819
    Rank: ACP Ausia 3ic
    Vote: King Mondo
    Why? King is a good owner tho, since I don’t wanna judge. So I voted Mondo! (Don’t worry Sonic there is still hope for you man!)

  5. Name:Adden433
    Vote:King Mondo
    Why? Mondo seems to be a much more mature person and I believe is much more experienced.

  6. Name: Swim
    Rank: Swagmaster420
    Vote: Mondo
    Why? He’s dedicated and I know he’s a good guy with good exp.

  7. Name : Mowillm
    Rank : Colonel
    Vote : King Mondo
    Why? He’s nice and a good owner i cant judge but i Vote Mondo (Sonic you might get a change also)

  8. Name: Puff001.

    Rank: First Lieutenant.

    Vote: King Mondo all the way.

    Why? My personal belief is that Mondo seems to be a much better and..ehm, stable person. He doesn’t talk much but seems to take this whole ordeal seriously and is generally mature on chat. Sonic, on the other hand, seems very inflammatory at all times and quick to defend himself (not a bad trait, just gets a little intimidating and aggressive at times).

    As much as how “funny” and “nice” Sonic is, I’m doubtful that he is fit to take this position until he calms down.

  9. Name: GoKuL EsWaRaN

    Rank: First Lieutenant

    Vote: King Mondo

    Why? He is really been active in chat than Sonic , Sonic does not talk to anyone easily with me too ,But King Mondo does it he also **CLOSE TO ME THAN SONIC ** So I vote for him .

  10. Name: Abhi20
    Rank: Brigadier General
    Vote: King Mondo
    Why? He’s a dedicated troop.

    On another note, Sonic’s computer is broken and he asked me to tell you on kik,

  11. Name: BeanoKid95
    Rank: Colonel
    Vote: King Mondo
    Why? I have only ever been a few US events, but he stood out to me.

  12. Name: Ahmed 7569
    Rank: Field Marshal (2ic)
    Vote: King Mondo
    Why? He is a very dedicated troop.

  13. Name: Fireheart454 or FireDingo or whatever
    Rank: Colonel
    Vote: Mondo
    Why? Don’t know if it’s just me, but Mondo seems a bit um friendlier and more active.

  14. Promote Lumarnara, problem solved

  15. Name: Fluffyboy3

    Rank: 1 eye cee

    Vote: Both of them

    Why? Mondo: He Is really active (He pulled a US all nighter!)
    Sonic: He has waited for 3ic for a long time

  16. You guys need to be picking owners based on leadership skills not a popularity vote ..

  17. Name: Bigmail
    Rank: Retired 2ic of ACP
    Vote: Mondo
    Why? He’s a great experienced owner, and has been serving for a very long time.

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