Some Random Recruiting

Today after we got 6th in the top ten, I was not very impressed. So I decided that we all should go autotype on CP. We managed to get EIGHT autotyping people on. That was very good. We also had a couple of people on chat to welcome the new recruits! We should do this more often.

Shame I had to go to dinner and find that I was the only one recruiting

We also had a group at the Plaza..

We also gave our rewards SWEET rewards!

4 Responses

  1. Wow, nice.

  2. I didn’t come lol because I had no spare penguins lol.

  3. I came to one of the recruitings today; I think this one is it. I stayed in the town cuz I had no idea we were going to the plaza, lol.

  4. I caame but I didn’t autotype, I typed everything in.

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