US/UK Practice Battle with the Golds

Hey, ACP!

Today we logged on to Flippers and had a huge, epic PB with the Golds Army of CP. For the first half of the battle, we really didn’t do a whole lot other than the usual formations, bombs and emotes. However, about a quarter of the way through the battle, I decided to make things more interesting, and began to use snowballs as a primary method of attacking the Golds. We moved behind cover, fired lots of snowballs and did various snowball-based tactics to push back Gold soldiers, with a few emotes and text tactics, and bombs, in the mix. The Golds eventually joined in and started to fire back with more snowballs, and also began to use snowball-based attacks. I hope that ACP, and all armies for that matter, can slowly begin to turn back to  using snowballs as a primary method of attacking in wars and tourneys, for both sides agree that today’s PB was much more interesting and amusing than most practice battles. We averaged about  12 and maxed 18.

Read more for more pics.





3 medals if you came ACP, keep up the good work and expect us to begin training you to use snowballs in wars and battles!

-Maxy 777, ACP Commander      


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  1. I came

  2. I came! #awesomegreenspider

  3. I came!

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