ACP Promotions December 2014 – Happy New Year…’s eve!

Greetings ACP,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! This is the final promotion day of the year. I hope that we will do even better in 2015. More promotions, less demotions! Anyways read on to see if you are going to be promoted or demoted. Or the same rank 😛 .




Army || Navy || Air Force

Red= USA/CA || Blue = UK/EUR || Green = AUS/ASIA

Bold: Promoted

Italics: Demoted

Underlined: Graduated from ACPTR

Commander in Chief

Purple Slime4, Fluffyboy3

Field Marshal

Ahmed 7569, Myma001 [On Leave] 


Carson4, Maxy777, Rockstar1819, Sheep [temp], King Mondo


Sonic, Super Edwin

Lieutenant General

 Abhi20Daisy67540,  Jaisick, Lionzlover, Noka, Peachpincher, Pham9,  

Major General

Agentbrando,  Bam117, Crazy tow,  Harry3088,  Nr Rr, Peter9977, Vivek, Wicked Wickz

Brigadier General

BeanoKid95,  Fireheart454, Mowillm, Sidie


 Bumbastica,  Free Dude 15, Gtfive, Jack Frenzy, Menchies258,  P1nkpal ,  Peacho27/Twilight,  Rockman19103, Rogerdodger1,  Scooter3092, Skipper233, Steamiux,  Waddler Pro


Adden, Annie23, Bandage23 Cpmaster, Dancer5118,  Mohmd124,  Kenz112Galaxie3, Gian Lucak, Mini Mee24,  Rix, Skyfish


Dark Lexicon, GOKUL ESWARA, humza79809, Jonty99, Kenneth1000, Keynikki, Nicwin100, Peppy Krijh, Penguin1973, Puff001Roboo23  Snowbud322, Tape4444, Teyyyy1,  , Yellow1908

First Lieutenant

Blazer/Eyebrawllc, Bryanbo,Buddyfrosty, Dadar, Dayyaanboy, Gargpizza, Koloway, Ninjaarmy233, Pink DragonRockor King, 03683bradfor

Second Lieutenant

Agent Ryan,  Alexandrovna, anirudh123, Barry87, Benimish,  Cookiechoco3culdhoni,  Dak5th1, Diezlbudoy, Elio54321, Firebender95, Fireproof300, Greatoz5, Herobrine544, Jere T,  Pingugreen6, Rizky1, Rock, Wormboy16, Wilt0, Wweman26,  Zeckll, Flower32575, , Zigz2047


Acptr, Arine20, Calumjack1, Cuddles1807,  Dreamer Cp , Graffocp (44 Ducks 44), Blueychaz, Camaris, Clarke28,  DJ3d1,  Ghost4148, KiggoMidnight677moha2712, Moki101,  Nathalex1, Noah Bo,  omdada1, Owlfish,  penopeno1234,  Pinguu32, plobblob, Savannah58, Sonic46117, steeltroops, Shiverwings3, Shisuka5, Tigerthetank, Timothy 45, 20wavecaps


47 Ronin, 4RBisthebest,87singupingu, Abcd54323, Agent mcray, Ajda12, Akram7570, Albert1591, alexandereatAlkat, Alori818,Andreg, Antwerp001,  Apolodorerou, ark 021 , Baconman344, Batman14312, Bigbome1, boberyober, Booma 200, Brok2912, Cardmaster2, CaraCP7377, Champenguin1, Cairo99, coolblue70, cooldude5615Coolwence12, Crazytran, DlikeD,Dalmation564, Doddiy, Dude 46, dukefire1, Esmb57, Egbert3487,  Elzzabeth, enilio211, Eve154, Fluffy121212, Fiets1 , Gabija444, gilhdartsHalo20001, HerbertPBear, Hope Cupcake, Huda1Hiba, Huntertyler1, icedragonus, joey00009,jonathan p27 Justin70947, katie93611, kikizilla, King Alej, Koky44, Kowalski8668, Lampo2011, Lt1200, Manman311, Max7131,Midori3f65, Muimuipui, Moti11, Muhutirts, Nachoarmy12 ,Nathanpp5, Nelson, Nick56701,  noah boy,  obiwan65, patbobs6, Pavlovna, Penny Henny, Pinkella08Pinkparty321, Pinky54986, Pinny007, Pip3452, Pretty 103, promqueen771, puffleguy41, rainbow1020, Randomness9,rockykuggan, S mumble, scret agent2, Seansonic1, shadow 766, Sierraiscute, Silkroad13, siroinkalotSlimy54789, Soldierme, Spyroalex31,  Striker6134, Sulton123, Superlucky79, T A Morowsky, tazboi47, tazza19, Tourmonkey, tigerfury34, Tinkacher77, Thegiraffe17, Tra La3,  Tropical66, TS2001 ,Vanessaroyal, Willy32847, X man 16, Xkingl3g3nd, Yoshi72365, Zainibam, Zana202


0915purple, 123abclola, 5cc2, 5Superman1, 8rylos , Abbycat11, Aidie Pingu,, Alec99900, Aleks6, aleksander139,  Ares04, ark101, Ashyeo, Awesome70084, Axvak,Barbi12165, Barbie21292, Blue Blueyadams, Boomer5351, Bradeil, Brizzle2, Brooksy04, Caleb3011, Cameron401,  Cheeseburg94, Chillystar9, Chris2000, Clover902, Club, Cphaxord, CPPSFAN123, Cristal1126, Cruz702, Coolchamp1, coolguy164, cutie11pie11,Cutie pink8, Danielnerf3d, Danny 1267, Dannyduckie, Darkblaze373, Dash, dashpika525, Davalors, dezzygirl13, Diadiadidi, Dumma M, Dylanrocks 3, Efry123, Ella123ella, elsa39352, Erba1, Erinloleary, Erniepoo, Ethan, Ethrox1, Evilbeafowl, Expertedwin, Firebolt222, Flapflip506, Fly cyrus, Flynn510, funkydude26,  ggilber8, Gijoey2, Glendalee123, Goat Lips, Gogogogo3519, Gugugrah, Gummybare1, Haloween1000, Hannapink10, Harriet, Harryf2008, Harrypanda, Hazykins, Helena2, Henry129, Herman259, Hoggywarty, Ice20004, Izzyfizzy04, Jack53785, Jaster90, jaykwan1, Jake The 3rd, Juice Pooch,  josh69100, Kaboom101, Kaipoop, Karim209267, Katy, Kevinawsome9, Khallan, Khizr31, Khristia1,  Kokocanoby, Komy7654, Kyleb12213, Kyokik, Ladybugs3, Lady Louis, Lightning344, Limeypie2, lion2141, Linoz1, Littley 2000, Ljil, Logoff20, Lucky7712, Luke90000,, mihirv,  Mr Funny29,  nick18 19, Nino01, Niomiot, Ire5980, izzotech, Madrid134, Manmar3, Matthewvacc, marvel30may, MaximizedBFat, Megatron04, Melodly1130, Michael82429 Minotaur123, Mordecai5754,aishawinx42, Miguel9738, Miketysonjr, mimi22004, Moksh 48, Mousemelw, N1650, Newfive122, OCTSONIC, Oscar 305 ,mario99090 Panda140,  Pippio, pisimatu, Popperdude11, MixyGrits, robbinbank10, Mrcress, Mrkouklos199, Nathanl9, Nickrb8, Niko, Orudenselu, owais21, Olivia28775, Orange Ice7, Osama120, Beverly Ma1, paul1350, Peach26943, Pengi62003, Ava616, Penguinbule6, Pengy Phil, Piggy, Pinguwins786, Pingy46, puppybunnysu, Qnok, Queen6767, Queensnowx, Quidditchcap, qwert3346, rackles3, Ramice Tan, Raritypengy, Ravenpower05, Ravinta, Redman1213, Rkpranav, Roarman7, RuckaaBee, rylee4712, Saadod, Saigexo, Samers513, Scoodlecat, Shrimp37159, Shobu5, Silversurf84, Slipperslop, Smileyfry5,  SML 123, Soccerboy126, Stampy1790, Stormy6785, Sublimemoon, Super Arsath, superdog334, superman6085, Sweety803, Tajriana, Thegooooose, Tiger J5, Toothwiz, Tysuke, M1nty1 Undercover81, Usmcx,  Teosicribff, layto108, Warioware1,  Webkinznotme, Withnohands, Wooden12, Woody sa cvf, x2wwe, Yan Thoan,  Youo619, Zaira253, atharvfresh, Zackerznsam, Zainibam

Creator: Oagalthorp

Constables: Boomer 20, Shaboomboom


Do you think you should have been promoted? Then just leave a comment, for example:

Name on ranks: Ahmed 7569

Your Rank: 2nd in Command (Field Marshal)

Why do you think you should have been promoted? Because, I was very active, commented on the site a lot, recruited, and did lots for the army

This is just an example, I am not asking for a promotion! :mrgreen:

Congratulations to everyone who got promoted, anyone who didn’t then try to improve – here are my tips!

  • RECRUIT,RECRUIT,RECRUIT! When you’re on chat, put the server that you are recruiting on on your xat name (on on your name, does that make sense to you guys!?! xD) so soldiers and owners can join you. You could also let an owner know that you are recruiting on chat so the owner can come on with you! If you do this frequently, you will be known as a good recruiter and will get a great promotion
  • ATTEND EVENTS! Check the site for events and their times and come on chat half an hour before to hype it up and log on. Follow orders on chat- simple. You’ll easily get a promotion if you attend events every week, maybe a bigger one if you attend events daily!
  • CHAT ACTIVITY! You know those times when chat’s boring? Come on then, have fun during those boring times! If there are any active troops you could invite them on CP for a game or to hangout! Maybe even a snowball fight!
  • NO AFK! Try not be AFK, if you are recruiting that is okay but if you are AFK during an event then that is not good at all.
  • FOLLOW THE RULES! Be mature on chat and don’t get yourself banned too much! Soldiers who are high members, this tip is especially for you.

 ~The ACP Ownership

14 Responses

  1. 1st

  2. Ah yus i’m brig.general

  3. awww..


  5. Congrats to everyone. 😀

  6. Mod once again. Happy New Year guys!

  7. ^ Happy New Year guys! keep it going in next year! 😀

  8. Congrats new mods!

  9. I GOT MODDDDD!!! 😀

  10. New mods : BeanoKid95,Fireheart454,Mowillm[Myself xD],Sidie.
    Congrats to them



  12. I’m Colonel! 1 more rank until I become a mod! ❤ 🙂

  13. that akward moment when I was 8 ranks ahead of Ryan and I’m still 4ic and he’s 2ic

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