[AUSIA/UK] Reclaimation of Fiesta

Hey ACP,

We terrific event was awesome I hope your dreams and wished are coming year to end 2014. Wlecoming to 2015 will be splended. Wish you the best ACP! Apologies for connection my modem was keep on sudden plug-off due to me out of control, Excuse for that sorry for that! 😥

Here are the results:

2 Medals if you came, Comment below if you came!

Rockstar, ACP Commander (Filipino Pride)

images (4)

Happy New Year!

images (5)

8 Responses

  1. Camezies, but with modem probs

  2. Came. Happy New Year guys!

  3. comezies

  4. I attended the Reclamation of Fiesta ausia event.

    The Nachos only maxed and averaged 3 which I was not surprised about since the nachos have a terrible ausia.

    Furthermore, we were attacked by some white bots which surprised a lot of ACP.

    Overall I think this was a good ausia event!


  5. Came,yeah Peacho The Nachos only maxed and averaged 3 tbh..
    and i saw some white penguins.Looks like they’r bots.

    Furthermore.It was a great event,Happy New Year acp.
    Keep it going next year

    ~ ℛ

  6. I kinda came, but I kept getting DDoSed.

  7. Came

  8. I camezies!

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